Comments on Give Gentle Care to Dachshund With Bad Back

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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

6/19/2013 7:07:13 PM

Good information. thanks

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Anna Bates   Dover, AR

8/2/2010 5:23:40 PM

I have a dashshund that is 9 years old she had to have back surgery when she was 4years old it was a 10 week recovery time. We built ramps for her to get up and down, we do not let her jump. Then Sept 3, 2009 She had to have back surgery again. We do not know what the cause was of the injuried back, and we had another 12 week recovery time with my Mollie. This morning, I woke up and her front leg was dragging, I took her first thing to the vet and she has a bulging disc. So I have a 3-6 week time that she has to be comfined and doesn't even need to go up and down here ramps, I will carry her up and down off everything, but I love her so much she is worth it. Yes Surgery is very expensive and long recovery time. So do everything you can to comfine and take care of your love one.

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kay   london, FL

12/17/2008 5:43:02 AM

dont put her on the bed, she could jump off - really bad for her back. avoid jumping up or down even if your dachshund doesn't have a bad back.

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Doug   Asheville, NC

10/6/2008 6:01:31 AM

Idiotic advice - get to a vet asap and at least rule out IVDD.

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