Comments on Dog Show Judging and the AKC

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Jay   Sacramento, CA

7/21/2011 8:07:05 PM

Love this article, Thank you so much for posting it. I just hope ALL judges received this information and Read
I have been trying to get ppl interested in showing but when they com to a show OR 10, and see the same political BS play out..

I can not conveince them it is just that jusdge or that
The good old boys club, seems to prevale every time. with the same ppl winning, not the dogs with bad movement or soft top lines. the points are going to the handlers.

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Andrea   Orlando, FL

3/22/2008 10:31:14 PM

Well said and right on the mark. What is next; mass canine plastic surgery? The point in having rules and regulations to begin with seems to have been lost to some owners/handlers. Winning based on deception and fraud should have no place in the show ring. Furthermore, we suspend athletes for doping, so why should this sport be treated any different? These shows are supposed to show each breed's prime example, what they should look like in order to be the best. If they were not born with the features, it is shameful and downright rude to everyone attending said events to try and fake it.

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