Comments on U.S. Agencies Hope to End Testing on Dogs

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Jennifer   Madras, OR

2/26/2008 11:03:42 PM

excellant news!

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Cheryl   Conway, MO

2/26/2008 9:31:19 PM

It would be wonderful if everyone stopped testing on animals. Maybe more will follow after this gets out.

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Mary   Battle Creek, MI

2/26/2008 5:12:56 PM

I hope EVERYONE stops testing on dogs.

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sarah   chicago, IL

2/26/2008 2:10:53 PM

im glad animals wont be tested on anymore.

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Claire   Azusa, CA

2/26/2008 1:42:06 PM

That's wonderful!


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Jenny   san diego, CA

2/26/2008 12:09:10 PM

I think it is great! I've always believed the testing should be on death row inmates instead of animals!

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megan   somewherein, OH

2/26/2008 10:37:08 AM


John 3:16

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carli   mcdonald, PA

2/26/2008 9:04:17 AM

That so great!!1

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Christy   Covina, CA

2/26/2008 8:39:47 AM

Good! This needs to end!

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Gayle   Denton, TX

2/26/2008 7:14:52 AM

This is a great breakthrough.


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paris   houston, TX

2/26/2008 6:24:24 AM

Animal testing is a terrible and cruel thing to do. I'm so happy they are finally going to step in and do something about it.

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Linda   Columbus, OH

2/26/2008 6:04:27 AM

I feel there should be NO ANIMAL TESTING PERIOD! It is a terrible thing and should be stopped. Animal lives are as precious as human lifes - afterall, we are all God's creatures.

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heather   farmington, NH

2/26/2008 4:39:09 AM

they should have done this along time ago.

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Sandi   Lake Milton, OH

2/26/2008 2:59:46 AM

About time they find a better wat for testing. No aminal should be put at risk.

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