Comments on Meet the Breed: The Rhodesian Ridgeback

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Douglas - 255745   

7/10/2012 3:44:13 PM

A friend of mine had to give up his dog cause of where he moved & I offered to watch him for awhile. Well he still can't have him where he is & I wouldn't give him back anyway!! He's a male Ridgeback about 6 or so & is a wonderful well behaved dog. I know that sounds selfish about not giving him back, butt if you ever owned one of these magnificent animals you would feel the same way!! Your right Kimberly, he will cock his head at you & try his darndest to understand you!! Love him to death!!!!!!

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Kimberly Dale   woodland, CA

7/26/2009 11:42:27 PM

My Parents just adopted a beautiful girl red rhodesian ridgebadk named Juno and she is the sweetest , most well behaved dog, not quite ready for puppy school but when she is I think she will be a favorite she tilts her head trying to understand, is a tease and loves her baby pool...she is 4mths old... full of personality plus.

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