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Beverly   Cheyenne, WY

10/25/2011 1:56:45 AM

I agree with most of what you say. But I have a one tear old female that will not stay outside at night. If I leave her she will bark till the neighbors complain. I have found nothing that works.

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shenty1   Essex, VT

4/19/2007 8:22:51 AM

I agree with "be the alpha" your dog must respect you as the leader. It takes love, respect and trust. However, Siberians want to please you if you are the leader. They can be motivated by food, it depends on the dog. Find what motivates them and make work fun!

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Melissa   Philadelphia, PA

12/23/2006 8:02:24 AM

I am the previous owner of a siberian husky, and i say previous because I made an irresponsible deceision in not fully researching the breed and got in over my head. I was lucky enough to find a good home for my dog, with a family who lived on a small fenced in yard, they had four young children and the woman was a stay at home, active mother. That was a blessing. PLEASE BEWARE!!!!! I loved my dog, and did not want to give him up, however I knew I could not adequately provide for him. Huskies need a HUGE amount of attention and excersise. They become extremely destructive when left home alone. I went to three different dog trainers, who attempted to help me, and visited two others who basically laughed in my face, because these animals are EXTREMELY hard to train. Now please do not get me wrong. Huskies are amazing dogs who are affectionate, playful, absolutely non-aggressive, superb with children, and unbeleivably intelligent. And that is where the problem inlies, they are too smart, they play mind games, beleive me when i tell you this isnt the kind of dog you cvan trick into coming in from the backyard with a treat. they'll manage to get the treat from you and still be outside. JUST PLEASE RESEARCH THIS BREED BEFORE YOU BUY!!!! DO NOT JUST GET A HUSKY BECAUSE THEY HAVE PRETTY EYES!!!! your pretty house will get torn apart, and your pretty garden will be dug up!!!! oo and they are not at all loyal, they act as if a perfect starnger is just as wonderful as their owner and they are not at all protective and would lick a burglar during the night.

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Jason   Trainer, PA

9/21/2006 3:25:26 PM

I use to own a Husky (Kelsey) , she was a great dog.Very loyal to me first then my family next.. I wish I knew your training tips when I first got her but I did ok with her..There's one word I'd say if you don't train a Husky early and that word is Stuborn..and yes Mush was her favorite

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