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Char   Melbourne, California

7/17/2015 3:51:40 AM

I have a 15 months dog named Gracie. She has been liking and liking the top of her tail. I decided to take a look at why she had been liking. I saw a red lump that wasn't too large but still pretty big. Is there anything I can put on or do to it. We are most likely going to take her to the vet soon but just seeing if we can help
Gracie is a white female Groodle (Golden Retriever cross Poodle).

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Elizabeth   Elkton, Maryland

1/1/2015 8:49:09 AM

I have a 3 month old Red Coonhound/Penn Marydell Foxhound and he's got a lump on his right shoulder. Last night it was the size of a frozen pea and today I can see it about the size of a quarter. Its squishy and moves. Should I worry? He goes to the vet in 2 weeks. Should I get him in sooner? Thanks for any advice.

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Geraldine   Auckland, MS

11/5/2009 2:16:56 PM

Its the best information i have found so far .

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Melissa   Zimmerman, MN

8/24/2009 12:54:09 PM

Instead of antibiotics, treat them naturally with Liquid Silver - it's been proven to kill any fungus, yeast, virus, etc. including H1N1!! It's patented too. Giving more and more antibiotics will only compromise the immune system in the long run.

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Melanie   Altoona, PA

12/25/2008 10:42:42 AM

Our Black Lab Brit has been battling a sebaceous cyst for a year now.She is on amoxicillon daily but the cyst continues to grow and drain.We had tried cefalexan but she had allergic results.Brit is 10 years old and I am scared to have surgery on her,however the draining and stink is gettin worse.Plus no way she can go through another summer with an open sore.Any suggestions from readers or vets wouod help.Oh by the way other than the cyst she is in good health


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Khalil   Pittsburgh, PA

6/18/2008 10:32:28 AM

My Golden, Khalil, produced a sebaceous cyst on the higher part of his tail. There was no indication it was there until it ruptured and I discovered blood mildly spurting from the cyst. A trip to the Vets detailed what it was and treatment. The recommendation was to use hydrogen peroxide, cut 1/2 with water to clean it, once daily, and keeping the cyst area bandaged and covered. This article was helpful and relieves any stress I felt when seeing the blood stains.

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