Comments on Laws and Insurance May Mean Bad News for 'Bad Dogs'

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renee   cape coral, FL

4/22/2008 9:23:28 AM

it is not the breed that is vicious, it is the environment and people who raise the animal that make them vicious. don't take it out on the animal take it out the owner of the animal. if the person is know to make their animals aggressive or fight their animals ban them from owning that kind of animal that way they can't give other breeds a bad name. if you ban specific breeds they will go to another kind of breed and use them, you are not defeating the purpose only allowing irresponsible owners to find other sources to their habits like dog fighting, etc. why punish the responsible owners for others mistakes. i have 2 of the breeds the consider viscous dogs and they are both very gentle to everyone. they are treated as part of the family. an animal only treats people how they have been treated. look at the owners and find out how they are with their animals before you decide to ban the breed. taking a dog from a resposible owner is like take a child from their parents. can't we find another solution to the proble for example enforcing the laws that are already in place.

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