Comments on Stop a Common Dog Killer

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jack   Port Washinghton, New York

9/13/2012 12:21:44 PM

just brought my beagle with symptoms listed above thank u for info very helpful, i love that dog

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Deborah   Homewood, Illinois

9/8/2012 7:39:20 PM

This was great article had no idea what my puppy had but she eats everything.diarrhea,vomiting all happened over night.took her in to vt she had emergency surgery,but unfortunately lost 5inches of intestine,due to this.they said she is doing better but still at vet.

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Judy   Fallon, NV

3/15/2011 3:54:50 PM

Really helpful article: concise, important info in few words. Thank you for your help.

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Kurt   Oxford, OH

10/2/2008 10:03:10 AM

BTW Spirit is still alive, happy, healthy and still craving socks, wash clths etc... any soft fabric he can find.

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mary   ptld, ME

8/5/2008 3:17:48 AM

good article.


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mary   portland, ME

9/26/2007 3:41:09 AM

very good article.

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