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Alison   Norwalk, Connecticut

5/4/2016 4:29:31 AM

Lots of good information in this article. One thing that hasn't been included is the use of dog braces to help manage arthritis pain and discomfort. Depending on where the arthritis is, a knee or hip brace can be used to increase circulation to the area, and provide that extra needed support for the weak joints. When looking for braces it's important that the brace doesn't completely immobilize the area, since this can lead to loss of muscle mass and actually cause more problems down the line.

For my arthritic dog we bought the Ortocanis dog knee brace for the arthritis in her knee. We use it on days of heavy activity or whenever I feel that she seems to be in more discomfort. The material is flexible neoprene and doesn't bother her at all. After some time using it, I can say that I have 0 complaints. Going to look for supplements now to add to her diet and hopefully she can be as close to pain free as possible!

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Jenn   King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

8/21/2014 6:21:18 AM

THank you for this article. I had never heard of using alfalfa! I will add that to her new diet! I found a totally natural way to help my pet at I started these a couple months ago and my Dixie went from barely getting up to go potty to now she runs up the stairs! She even doesn't realize she is get something to help her she just sits up and begs for her little treats every morning! We were at the point where the vet suggested surgery or the Rainbow Highway and I wasn't prepared for either :( But I've never been so glad to find a supplement.

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megan   somewherein, OH

6/24/2008 11:31:06 AM


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