Comments on Common Natural Remedies Used by Veterinarians

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skiw9748   Hartford, AL

11/22/2012 8:36:02 AM

2458881 _ I found this to be very helpfull !

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

11/19/2012 4:36:33 AM

This is a very helpful article. I still always discuss with my Vet anything that I am going to give to my dog.

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Marcine - 249098   Grande Prairie, AB

6/16/2012 6:30:51 PM

I know that you can use arnica for pain relief. Does anyone know the dosage instructions for it.

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Sandra   San Diego, CA

8/24/2011 12:03:33 PM

Our veterinarian pointed us to the site VitaHound, their research in canine oral care help develop tremendously easy to use and effective treatments that eliminate the plaque and tarter. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the ingredients are all-natural.

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5/7/2011 7:28:42 AM

Nice Breakdown. I also use a natural flea powder by grinding a select number of herbs myself. Works great in conjunction with natural flea repellent spray. Please research and know your herbs. More so, what doses to use and how. Check, check and double check before administering. Some herbs can have adverse effects when used with others.


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Kay   Lake Havasu City, AZ

7/3/2010 4:04:25 PM

Herbs are powerful medicine; should have a disclaimer that if owner is going to try these on their own please use caution, dose correctly like for a child, or consult a veterinary source ! Treating dogs with herbs it's NOT the same as for people !!

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Cynthia Marston   Sweet Home, OR

4/9/2010 4:19:04 PM

i like lavender essential oil to calm. it helps with horses too

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Deb   Hot Springs, AR

2/7/2009 12:05:15 PM

Can you give your dog your vitamin, like e , c or d vitamin. And what home remedies can I do for his coat, he's a lab.

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megan   somewherein, OH

9/18/2008 6:38:37 PM

good article

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nathan   somewherein, OH

6/18/2008 11:33:02 AM


John 3:16


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