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brandi   aurora, Missouri

11/13/2012 7:14:30 AM

i just got my boxer puppy, and have noticed the playful loving side.... of course he has accidents in the house. but it isnt taking time at all to train him. plus, he knows hes mine. i am married with 5 kids and altho he loves them all, he knows im momma. hes barely 10 weeks old and gives high fives and knows the commands, 'drop it, play nice, and go potty" i am so surprised and proud. i tell myself i shouldve had 5 boxers, instead kiddos. lol he recognizes his toys and our blankies. he may not sleep with me every night. but is with a member of the family. he will not be alone. which with a big family like ours, he never has to worry. i have the best dog in the whole world. thank you to my Hubby for the best birthday present in the world.

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