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Brian   Oceanside, California

5/24/2013 3:09:29 PM

I have a question. There's a dog grooming place in the business park I work in and they use compressed air to, I'm assuming, remove loose hair. The process usually lasts about 5 minutes and every time the dog is freaking out. Now you could suppose that the dog is simple scared of the noise, but the air that's coming out is so loud that the groomer wears ear protection. Knowing how much more sensitive dogs hearing is to our own, isn't this technique causing physical pain to the dog? It has to be since the groomer can't even bare it. What are your thoughts on this?

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janet   bethlehem, PA

4/29/2011 4:22:15 AM

good article, thanks very much

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jesse   channelview, TX

5/14/2010 7:10:00 AM

i need to know if what kind of brush i need for i irsh settler? please cotact me at this email to tell me the info.

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