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Glenda   San Fernando, California

7/22/2014 10:34:48 PM

I have a female Cocker about 1 1/2 now, i noticed today she stated to pee a lot at the Park? But not so much at home?? Should I be concerned??

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Nancy   Pitts., Pennsylvania

8/12/2013 9:24:01 AM

I have a very well trained 7lb. 7 year old Yorkie/Pom. Recently we have noticed after she has gone her morning potty, she goes back over to the paper and squats again and goes maybe a quarter size amount and sometimes nothing at all. She did this three times this morning. Water is down all day and she loves an ice cupe or two a day but neither to any excess. Should I be concerned about this new change?

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HaplessPizza98   Calgary, AB

7/25/2013 8:52:51 PM

Our new puppy (we've had her for 13 days) has just urinated about a dozen times in half an hour. She's almost 3 months old and usually only has one accident a day, but this time, several. Any ideas on what she may have eaten and/or a number we should call??

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annette   Port st lucie, Florida

7/18/2013 4:15:56 AM

My pomeranian which is 9 months, has been recently needing to go to urinate every hour or so, before he goes there is a lump at the bottom of his penis, is this normal or does he need to see a vet.

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wael   staten island, New York

3/10/2013 5:40:19 AM

we have a 9 month old German hound mix and he has a UTI, took him to the vet had blood work done(costly) , hes on meds, but still he continues to urinate in his cage even after he relieves himself, the vet wants to give him bladder control pills, is that healthy for our dog?


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Marty   Baltimore, MD

2/13/2012 11:12:40 AM

have a 14 year old cairn. Since we have had her she has been well house trained except for occasional submissive urination. For the past few years, she has developed a pattern of frequent urination. She urinates possibly 10+ times a day. She will now urinate even when crated. You take her out she urinates a couple times and bring her in she will urinate again. I limited her water bowl to 2-3 cups per day(she is an obsessive drinker. She has been tested for diabetes, Cushing,s, and had ultrasound-which found a tiny bump near the exit of her bladder. My wife and I are finding it difficult to constantly cleaning large amounts of urine all day. help!

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Sechita   St. Louis, MO

1/29/2012 1:54:29 PM

I have an 8 year old shar pei and she is peeing alot, as well as sleeping what do i do about it. She often looks like she is about to fall out, when she get sleepy.

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Bonnie   Cocount Creek, FL

10/30/2011 8:02:22 AM

My dog is about 9 years old and is having the urge to urinate but nothing coming out. this all took place since she was put on the heartworm medicine called triflexis. She also developed this skin lesions around her neck. I will not give her the triflexis anymore however it is still in her bloodstream from the last monthly dose I gave her. I am not sure if she has a urinary tract infection and that is why she has the urge to pee and nothing comes out.

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Tyanne   wevertown, NY

4/25/2011 4:40:50 PM

my new pit bull puppy is 5 months old and will constantly pee for no reason, she will pee on the floor even after she peed out side. she pees like every hour and will come in and chuck water and don't know why... i didn't want it to be a kidney disease or anything but i am going to bring her to the vets and have it checked out is there any advice you can give me...thanx

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Dan   Milton, VT

4/13/2011 2:12:45 PM

3.5 year old adopted greyhound, on second round of panacur for hookworms (haven't got the post 1st round results yet) has been urinating constantly all day, weak stream, 5-6 pees/ trip outside.Some leakage in house. Not drinking an excessive amount of water. Any thoughts?


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Cindy   New Egypt, NJ

4/12/2011 9:12:54 PM

I hace a 2 yr old shar pei thats a female.. She had a skin infection and eye infection.. she seems healthy and is off the antibiotics and eye drops. She is now peeing on my carpet.. I have no idea why and i cant aford to keep running her to the vet. Any ideas?

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delores   custer, SD

12/31/2010 12:43:32 PM

i have a 9 years old minature schnauzer male he goes out side to do his thing at nite but he will go potty inside the house. i have a question what can i do about him going in side the house at nite when there is a doggie door for him to go
i am getting tried of him going in the house at nite.

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8/10/2009 2:17:03 PM


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Caitlin   San Diego, CA

4/12/2009 8:56:14 PM

My dog (a 2.5 year old, 5lb yorkie) has been potty trained for over a year and has had almost no accidents in that time. In the last 2 months he has started randomly peeing in the house. its never the same location or time of day, once he just walked up to me. peed on my leg and walked away. he always knows after he's done it that he's done something wrong and will start shivering and hiding to avoid punnishment. he normaly starts in one location and then leaves driblets for the next five or six feet after he's done. is that a sign of some sort of infection or is he just being rebelious?

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Isabella   Manhattan Beach, CA

6/28/2008 3:16:45 PM

My puppy of almost a year has been urinating very frequently and not letting us know, when usually when she has to she goes in the

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