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Veronica   Waco, Texas

5/24/2016 5:08:44 PM

I have a 6lb terrier mix Yorkie who has fever . What can I give him ? Pls help

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William   Fresno, California

10/24/2015 7:32:24 PM

My 13 lb. Dachshund seems to have sprained her left front leg. She will squeal at times if I pick her up or she walks crooked on it. Is there any medication I can give her for the pain?

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Denise   Point pleasant, New Jersey

8/9/2014 12:48:34 PM

My dog was just I fight with another took her to the vet they said they gave her pain medicine injection and antibiotics when they brought her out to me I said she isn't right and then just fell over...she would not stand had a blank look and did not responde to me,they told me it looks like she is having a seizure something she never had before. She is a six year old boston and is so healthy. They told me she might be in shock from the trauma, but it was twos hours before I brought her in to the vet. Could this be from the pain medicine or antibiotic ? They said they are going to keep her over night to watch her, I'm scared to leave her there.

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shannon   ft.thomas, Kentucky

5/28/2013 8:39:57 PM

Our German Shepard has a foot that was stepped on by accident when he was little and he is now 8months old. We really can't afford a vet but is there something we can give him for pain because he is limping and I know it hurts him. Thanks

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Wayne   Elba, Alabama

12/23/2012 2:08:35 PM

Outside temp dropped into the high 20's to mid 30's and my chihuahua was immediatedly affected. She cannot jump into my recliner or climb doorsteps without assistance. She does not limp, just seems to be unable to use her hind legs enough. Any help would be appreciated. I'm taking her to the vet the day after Christmas but feel sympathy for her pain right now.


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landon   colorado, Armed Forces

11/26/2012 3:01:48 PM

yes tylenol can be fatal to dogs so i just got some valum online from here and i give it to my do the vet said it is fine what do you think

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Gretchen   Montclair, New Jersey

11/17/2012 3:45:16 AM

Well. A vet that would mutilate your puppy for cosmetic reasons probably isn't the most stellar example of a competant nor compassionate practioner in his field anyway, is he. Vets who refuse to do unnecesary surgeries. If he's cutting your puppy's ears off for money, I doubt he cares that the dog's in pain.

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Eva Dusza   Harwood Hts, IL

4/11/2012 7:33:07 PM

What is best for god with fever

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Michelle   Coastal, OR

2/13/2012 6:18:00 AM

More than not I am reading Tylenol can be fatal to dogs. I wonder how is it possible for Vets to have such opposite information???

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Amanda   Shelbyville, IN

1/23/2012 11:15:11 AM

We are getting ready to ear crop our 8 week old Great Dane however the vet we are looking at does not send home pain medication, is there any over the counter pain medicaton strong enough we can use for her?


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Kim   Gallatin, TN

10/25/2011 6:04:36 PM

Thank you so much for your website. Its after-hours and I can't see my vet until tomorrow. My dog hurt herself playing with her fur-brother and sisters. She seems to be fighting the pain and unless she gets really bad, I won't give her anything but knowing that a baby ASA will be OK for her (and within her weight limit) is comforting enough to make it until tomorrow's Vet appointment. Thanks again!

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Rose Babich   Pomona, CA

8/17/2011 9:21:49 PM

I have a 15 year old dog, every night she scratched the walls and rugs, walking back and forth and tail was down. Every night we are sleepless , so i tried to give her an over the counter buffered aspirin half dose in the morning and half before bed and one tab. of glucosamine half dose in the morning and half dose pm .I noticed she is less restless and can sleep better.

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Faye   San Antonio, TX

8/14/2011 1:03:30 PM

This article really helped me with my older Dalmatian who is at the end stage of her loyal life. I want to keep her as long as I can as long as we can control her pain.

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Mastaw   SSM, MI

7/27/2011 11:10:02 PM

Great info to know! My 15yr old pom/mix hurt his leg playing with my yr old chihuahua/poodle in the middle of the night. So I gave him a 80mg childrens tylenol crushed and mixed with peanut butter and it seemed like it helped within 30 mins.

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Cindy   London, KY

7/3/2011 4:52:15 AM

Thank you so much you wewre very helpful, I had forgot what to give my dog for pain, he hasn't had anything problems for 10 yrs. until a couple of days ago, when he got stung in the ear, I couldn't remember, tyl. or mortin, so thank you you made it simple and easy to under stand, I will be coming to your web site for now on. Thank you again, your friend, Cindy

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walt   royal oak, MI

5/19/2011 7:10:49 PM

whenever i give my mixed breed sheltie an asperin, i only give her a half of baby or low dose asperin in a small peice of cheese.(it goes down easier and doesn`t get spit out) i learned this from my mother many decades ago as i used to raise and breed full size collies and they are known for hip problems .but if your not sure,you should check with your vet doctor(this should be done anyways).this is only my opinion and shouldn`t be acted on what i have said.

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larry   franklin, TN

5/13/2011 9:06:34 AM

That's great information to know. There's been times when our pets were obviously hurting, but nothing seriously, still if you touched them a certain way she would growl to let us know something bothered her. Vet gave her a good checkup found nothing. Next time this occurs, I will give her tylenol or bufferin. Wish I had know this sooner. Great tip, thanks for sharing that with us.

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Linda   Bloomsburg, PA

12/31/2010 2:23:52 PM

I keep a bottle of Bufferin in the cupboard for my dog. After an operation one time, the vet wouldn't prescribe pain med - said "dogs don't feel pain." Duh?! The poor guy came home and just couldn't get settled - so I gave him 1/2 a Bufferin tablet and he was comfortable in a short amount of time.

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Don Whitehouse   Orange Beach, AL

11/21/2010 3:38:56 PM

Excellent information!! I'm sure glad I didn't just cut some pill in half and dose him myself.

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Maureen   Simi Valley, CA

10/27/2010 3:11:15 PM

My dogs had a small scuffle and my pup tore her ear in the soft middle of the ear. I can see through it. She bled a little bit, but that stopped quickly. Do you suggest stitches?

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