Comments on Life With Some Dog Breeds Might Not Be Like In The Movies

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Pat   St Louis, MO

5/4/2007 1:36:24 PM

AMEN!!! It's not bad enough that movies and TV give us images of dogs that makes everyone want to go out and get "one of those" regardless of compatibility. But even folks who read dog books can fail to read between the lines. Like border collies. In all probability they are the most intelligent dog on the the prospective owner up to raising a canine Einstein? Unless you're prepared to keep this animal occupied nearly 24/7, you might want a slightly less "gifted" breed. Besides, very smart dogs are not necessarily instantly trainable--not if they're smart enough to manipulate the owner into doing things their way. I love my border collie and wouldn't trade her for the world but there are times she drives me crazy. I'm not at all surprised that many owners just throw up their hands and dump the dog at a shelter.

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