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danielle   Greenville, SC

3/10/2011 5:41:13 PM

Yes I am. They are the best. i just rescued one last year. Shes about 10 months old now,shes the smartest loving and sweetest dog ever. She makes me want to do so much more for this breed. I dont ever want to stop. they need are help!

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Miranda   Lenoir, NC

7/8/2010 12:38:06 PM

I own an American Pit Bull Terrier named Bella, and she is the best thing that has come into my life. I love her to death. She is always happy to meet new people or go for a ride, and very very smart. I love APBT's, they are one of my favorite breeds of dogs.

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Anne   Worcester, MA

6/9/2010 4:27:58 AM

I rescued my "pit" a year and a half ago. She was a bit over a year old, had spent six months at the shelter and no one knew if she'd had puppies.

It's been a learning experience. The dedicated pit haters are out there - I've heard many comments like "I hate that kind of dog" as we pass by all leashed up and minding our business. I should be congratulated for not saying, "I hate guys with big

She's strong, I'm stronger. She's bull-headed and a character. We've figured things out and we are each quite happy. She has a few issues from her hazy past like fear of big people looming over
She's high maintenance no doubt, at least in the attention she needs. Grooming is a non-issue since we walk on pavement at least once a day and she doesn't go swimming when we are in the
Unfortunately she thinks she's the boss of the universe and doesn't like the fact other female dogs exist so unless we are in a very isolated place she stays on

If you are thinking of a pittie thnk hard. They can be a challenging yet very rewarding animal. She wins the hearts of everyone who getes to know her, but I'd never leave her alone with the cat.

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Janet   Bethlehem, PA

9/12/2009 6:35:20 AM

good article thank you

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Samuel   Beverly, NJ

7/9/2009 6:42:34 PM

I currently own an apbt a friend bought but couldn't take care of him properly so I took him in. So many people are surprised at what a great dog he is. People look forward to bringing their dog to the local park to play with him. They really are a great breed but so misunderstood.


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Ed   Melbourne, FL

4/23/2009 6:46:49 AM

Pit bulls are fantastic dogs. I've owned many great breeds in my lifetime, but I can't recommend any higher than APBT. I didn't set out to own one, but sometimes the dog picks

My APBT is mild-mannered, affectionate and obediant. She loves all people, other dogs and cats. I have spoken with many other PPBT owners and discovered that my dog's behavior is the norm, not the

If you want to know about a certain breed, then consult an owner. I think you'll find the approval rating by actul APBT owners is through the roof. It's the people that don't own them and the assholes that abuse them who stir up the trouble.

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Terry   Chicago, MO

3/14/2009 8:48:31 PM

My Vet loves pits in fact all three of my vets love my dogs and said they get a bad rap, they also said they would have a pit over a retriever or pug any day! You get out of something what you put into it, don't blame us responsible dog owners for the minority irresponsible owners!

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Mandy   St Louis, MO

3/14/2009 8:44:51 PM

Only people who have NO CLUE about APBT say not to get one, THEY ARE NOT BORN EVIL or MEAN they are made that way by HUMANS! Anything with teeth can bite you and they have a better temperment than golden retrievers, and most news stations mis identify a biting or attacking dog as a Pit 9 out of 10 times they are WRONG! I own an APBT she was rescued and was used as a bait dog we have her and she is the most loving and sweet dog I've ever owned and we've owned alot so QUIT hating on my dog unless you know you have no right to judge! If you believe everything you see on tv maybe you should get out and get an education!

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Alexis   Calgary, CA

12/4/2008 4:51:23 PM

don't get a pit
they can kill other animals other dogs and some times other
their made to
they may bee cute but you have to do alot of
and ask you local verterinarian about advice on dog
Thank you

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