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Deb   oxford, Alabama

8/13/2013 7:38:54 PM

We adopted an 8 month old min pin and we love her, but he barks a lot and especially charges and barks at our grandkids when they come over. She doesn't like strangers at all. We are considering returning her to the shelter that we got her from. She is like a baby to us, but I am afraid she will bite someone. What to do?

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gail   bellingham, Washington

1/10/2013 12:57:46 PM

mine hate UPS,FEDEX and trash collector,escape and explore is modus operandi,but will go after a scent like hunting hounds.Very protective,bark al lot,hate children,sometimes very stubborn. love exercise.Mine are half purebred sheltie so the barking is genetic on both sides. Very intelligent and lively personalities

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adrianna   columbia, South Carolina

9/14/2012 9:50:44 AM

My Min Pin is 15 months old and is more active than God! In the
he is busy busy watching, protecting me and moving his toys from room
room. He hates trucks like Fed Ex and UPS and trash trucks. He
young children. He doe's not want me or anyone to walk away from
and he will bite the back of your leg really deep. The one thing I have
be able to do is to train him to quit his consent barking, barking,
I use a water bottle to scoot him, but it is not working. He's drives
neighbors crazy with his barking. Any advise? Thank you. Adrianna and The Bandit

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Lance   DesMoines, IA

7/6/2010 1:41:41 PM

Great article, absolute accurate description. I adopted my Min-Pin from an abused home. However I have worked with him extensively on socialization and he has become a wonderful pet. It took a lot of paitence but he has become best buds with my schipperkee. He is still wary of strangers.

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Robin   Indianapolis, IN

12/19/2008 12:54:58 PM

I love my Min Pin and want another one as well. They are so cute and loving and to me he is the King in our household. I love this breed and am so glad we ran across it in Kentucky while on vacation.


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