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Match maker 28   Baltimore, Maryland

12/1/2012 12:32:03 PM

I want to breed my Shih Tzu can anyone help me. I don't want any information on how to breed I just need a mate. Thanks oh, and they must be a female Shih Tzu.

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Matt   Ashford, KY

3/14/2012 4:18:13 AM

Our Shih-Tzu Oscar has owned us now for 2 1/2 years now and has brought us nothing but joy and laughter, fierce loyalty and bundles of love. We are a family of 6 and he is an ideal family dog. He seems to thrive on the hustle and bustle of family life and is a thoroughly happy and healthy dog. We don't regret getting him and would urge any family who was thinking of owning a dog, to look no further than the Shih-Tzu.

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Yolanda   Port;and, OR

3/3/2012 12:01:30 PM

Wow, as a recent Shih Tzu owner, I fully agree with your assessment of the dog's personality. He is as independent as he is obedient. He chose me and we have been happy together for almost a year now! Thanks!

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P   salt lake city, UT

2/10/2012 12:58:37 PM

My Henrie loves children but tires of them quickly. He is really an adult's dog. But he has been reused with adults.

He is the most well behaved dog. We have people comment how well behaved he
My husband DID NOT like dogs until Henrie came into out life. Now Henrie is his title buddy and loves his "Grandpa" (we are not mommy and dad we are Grandma and
Henrie is an amazing dog. And even at six years old is still learning new
He rules the roost. He is a pick eater and will pick out the peices of food he loves.

He is as the article says and is very domineering. He tells when he needs to eat. And can tell time we think. He tells us when to go to bed. And if I fall asleep in a chair he wakes me up and say go to bed.

We don't know what we would do with out our baby!!

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Barbara bernard   Kissimmee, FL

11/13/2011 9:49:43 AM

Very good article. I have this breed and he is like my child. He is very loving and loyal. He was easy to train and doesn't mess in the house He asked to go out and also tells me when he wants to go to bed! The only thing I do not like about him is he is fussy about his dog food ; other than that he is a perfect companion and my buddy!!I would like to have more than one but I am elderly so it wouldn't be fair to the dog if I pass. I have made arrangements for him to be with my family if that should happen.Anyone would love my dog because he loves everyone also!


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patricia   keystone heights, FL

9/21/2011 4:45:44 PM


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peggy   mt.airy, NC

3/5/2011 6:03:43 PM

my very smart and is very loving.He is my little boy he thinks he is a human...he is the love of my life and i cant see myself ever without him..he goes everywhere with gaurddog..when we walk through the house he he is my shadow.he loves for me to talk to the dog breed.....

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nicole   troy, MO

3/1/2011 6:32:59 PM

thats true my dog Gizmo cant stand little kids

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Kay   Mustang, OK

2/10/2011 8:03:57 PM

I lost my little 8 year old Shih Tzu Duben when I took her to the Vet to get her teeth cleaned. She just wouldn't wake up. I was so devisated. I looked on line that very night. I just could not stand being with out her. I found a little 3 year old at a Rescue House. I adopted her and now she is next the love of my life. We talk all of the time about little Duben. She is a great listner. We call her Zuza. She is so smart, loveable and spoiled. The Shih Tzu is the only breed for me.

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debra   bridwell, KS

2/6/2011 12:02:33 PM

I loved what i read.We just got our 1st Shih Tzu today.His name is Buddy @ he is 4 years old.We asked the family who just lost there son(who had the dog)if we could take the dog into our house hold for they didnt want him.Buddy is already adjusting to our 4 cats,a german shepard,@ a tiny 3lb.pom.Buddy is a pretty silver grey in color and is already starting to show a cute personality.


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Victoria   Miramar, FL

11/11/2010 12:21:46 PM

My shih tzu is the best dog I have ever had in my life. He acts exactly like me, he can be rude when he wants to, but he is so intelligent and lively, it's like having a mini-me in the house. I don't live alone, but he shows affection to everyone in the house and everyone new walking in. I recommend this dog to every person who wants a small dog. He's now 5 and love to run around the house and swim in the lake in my backyard. He loves to sniff the ducks and sniff the house cat, and he likes to stay on the hammock with me and feel the cool breeze. If you want a companion that will love you,and is smart and loyal, the shih tzu should be your choice.

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10/30/2010 9:23:27 PM


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Marie   Chester, NH

10/23/2010 2:39:52 PM

My Shih Tzu is 8 yrs old and he is the perfect companion. He loves all people and thinks he is a cat because he lives with 3. I keep him in a "puppy cut"(I do it myself with dog clippers),so don't shy away from getting one if constant brushing is not your thing. If you want a loving, quiet,silky soft best friend, get a Shih Tzu! I always will.

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Barbara   Lilburn, GA

10/6/2010 5:32:25 AM

I have a 5 year old Shih Tzu, courtesy of my daughter. I would not part with her for
She is loving and demanding. Though we live in a small house with a fenced in yard I can not turn her loose because of too much undergrowth. She has already shown me she is capable of digging her way out under the fence so we walk. Training her to a leash has been something else to deal with but in time, say like 30 or 40 years we will get the hang of it. I can not imagine life without a Shih Tzu in it.

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janet   bethlehem, PA

8/5/2010 4:19:21 AM

good article thanks

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janet   bethlehem, PA

8/4/2010 4:24:14 AM

good article thank you

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Sue   Indianapolis, IN

7/25/2010 10:04:33 AM

We have 4 Shih Tzu ranging in age from 12 years to 1 year. We love them and they are part of our family. They have the best personalities and each one has a unique personality. They go everywhere with us and we never take a vacation without them! In fact, we only choose pet-friendly places to stay with them! We will always have Shih Tzu as they are the perfect breed and are not afraid to let you know that they are perfect. We are the housekeepers and they rule the house!

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Alice   Battle Creek, MI

3/17/2010 4:16:55 PM

I have had three of these dogs in my life and they are wonderful companions as they never cease to bring a good laugh every day!! Thanks for a good article. For big dog lovers out there try a shiz tzu They are fun to own especially for older active people.

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jarleen   newjerey, FL

1/27/2010 2:37:05 PM

i love this puppy

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Ganesha   Laoag City, IN

1/24/2010 6:24:46 PM

Thanks for this article. You've made me love more of my puppies since there and then.

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