Comments on Can Your Dog be in Dog Shows?

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Terry   Wynnewood, PA

5/18/2011 6:34:27 PM

I have an 8mo. old Basset Hound who just went into heat. She appears to be doing well, however, I am considering having her spayed. Is there any danger or complications doing this after her 1st heat ? What is the recovery time from this type of surgery and are there any long lasting side effects ?

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Cynthia Marston   Sweet Home, OR

3/24/2010 8:35:21 AM

And now they have local small shows for mixed breed which can be fun, less expensive and interesting

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Kelly   nevada city, NV

6/6/2008 3:20:31 PM

good inof

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asdf   fasd, AR

5/30/2008 1:13:51 PM

good info

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Allie   New York, NY

4/25/2008 4:46:43 PM

this is really good information


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