Comments on Urination Likely a Sign of Separation Anxiety

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Pat Dollard   Lynn, Massachusetts

11/11/2014 12:42:45 PM

I have a 4year old poodle. He is very affectionate and always wants to lay on my lap or stretch out beside me. But it is so different when my husband and I leave our house. We are only gone for 2-3 hours, but he cries all the time we are gone. He has just recently started to urinate and poop at will everywhere but where he has been trained (successfully) . It seems that when we are not taking him down the beach ( which he loves) or taking him out in the yard, he acts out. I'm sure it has to do with his separtation anxiety, but its not that we're angry with him, but more like its too cold or we just can't bring him out every single day. He has urinated on our bed and rugs and even on his crate. How can we (other than what we are doing) make him understand this? We have trained him to go on a mat in the corner of the kitchen and this has worked for four years. But every once in a while, he displays this behavior. He is a toy poodle. Do you have any thoughts on what we might try. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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