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Haley O'Maley   Arco, ID

3/18/2012 3:46:15 AM

My dog Daisy is a Australian Shepherd/Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix and loves to go hiking. We go for 6 walks a day and run about 5 of them. On the average weekend we go for 45 walks/runs. She loves it and it's bonding time for us, that and we also get away from people and drama. It's a win-win situation!!!!

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Dog Lover   weqwdfq, MS

4/28/2009 3:03:28 PM

Hehe!! Me and my dogs LOVE hiking!!! We have 20 acres to hike on! We go all the time! We never bring water though, I like to be hands free(exept for training treats. Thats what the rivers are for!

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