Comments on N.Y. to Consider Pit Bull Ban

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

5/3/2016 3:32:17 AM

Dogs are how the owners raises them. Any dog can and would bite in a given situation. No dog owner should let their guard down and think their dog would never bite. I believe all dog owners must prove before purchase they have taken some training on dog behaviour. Dogs are wonderful pets and bring so much joy when they are raised properly.

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Shanna   Bangor, ME

7/30/2010 5:35:43 PM

Any dog can be vicous according to how it is raised. I know a few people with very sweet pitbulls that wouldn't hurt a fly. Their children can do anything to them. Our neighbors dog got attacked by a lab. My sister had a pitbull mix and a chihuahua...and believe wasn't the pitbull that was the scary one! To ban one breed because of an undeserved bad rep seems a bit extreme to me.

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V   Alb, NM

3/25/2010 9:21:25 AM

B.S. its the owners not the dogs. Someone needs to train the owners. My pit-mix is the sweetest little girl.

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Ashley   ludlow, VT

1/14/2010 8:21:06 AM

pit bulls are not mean dogs!! if their owners are mean to them obviously they are going to be mean to other people, if you ask me the owners should be ban!!!

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Jinette   Bronx, NY

10/14/2009 9:35:25 AM

I believe that pit bulls are used as fighting machines. My dog was recently attacked by a pit bull during his regular walk. He has not been the same since. I always realized how much of a threat pit bulls were since one has also attacked a friend of mine, almost tearing her face apart. It is time to have people be more conscious of what they choose as pets. I hope to gain a support team that can fight to get the ban against pit bulls in NY.


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Anna   New York, NY

5/6/2009 5:12:51 AM

Absolutely! support the ban.

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Angel   Monroe, NY

4/19/2009 4:14:11 PM

Banning American Pit Bull Terriers is not the answer. Its the uneducated punks who are the Biggest problem regarding this and in general.

The City needs to go after these punks criminally (HARD) and stop feeling sorry for them. These dogs should not have to banned or suffer because of the City not wanting to deal with irresponsible owners. For the City its easier for them to just ban the breed than dealing with these punks.

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Tony   bronx, NY

4/14/2009 3:31:43 PM

pitbulls are not the problem it's the people who raise them to be that way i am an owner of a pitbull and she is the biggest sweetheart towards people and other animals. anyone who says they should all be euthanize are idiots spend time with the breed first and you'll see they are just like any other dog it all comes down to how they are raised! they can't choose their owners

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Daniel Pi   Brooklyn, NY

3/13/2009 2:08:22 PM

I was just in Cooper Park in Brooklyn, not more than four hours ago, when a pit bull attacked a poodle at the dog run. It took ten minutes to pry the poor thing from its jaws. Blood everywhere. Screaming. Old ladies fleeing, with their teacup yorkies tucked under their arms. Pandemonium.

The owner appeared to be the sort of barely-human thug that anthropologists might be very interested to study. I'll vote for any city ordinance banning those horrible creatures. And I'll donate money to any organization with the mission of banning pit bulls.

Pit bulls should all be euthanized. And it probably wouldn't hurt to euthanize the owners as well.

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Theresa   Islip, NY

3/1/2009 1:59:32 PM

My Westie was recently attacked by a pit bull, and I have heard many stories of other people an there pets being attacked by these very dangerous animals..I would be very happy if these dogs were banned in the state of NY, I would give complete support in getting this bill passed ASAP!


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Katja   New York, NY

9/22/2008 7:33:14 AM

The dog owners are to be punished.I own a pit/boxer mix, which is the gentlest creature on the planet, she wouldnt know how to bite, she doesnt even take food from my belly. I get mostly comments from women, finding my dog adorable, petting her to death. BUT also comments from the kind of person who just sees a pitbull or dangerous looking dog as an enhancement to their "badass" persona. If they own a pitbull, they feel more manly, more powerful and THATS what one should look into....Dont ban the car which is involved in so many accidents, make drivers more responsible! Same goes for dogs. Responsible judgement is in all of us, you'll see.

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kykkduth   tyu6yur, DE

6/6/2008 3:55:22 PM

Wonderful! As being a victim of these awful breed's attacks, i am pleased that new york is doing something about it! Execelent, lets see to it that the law be passed.

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virginia   pittstown, NJ

4/26/2008 1:06:00 PM

banning the breed is not the answer. Making spay/neuter laws, is the first part. Making the owners 100% accountable is the second part. Monitoring of those who breed ,i.e. fighting dogs, or backyard breeders, who breed to make an easy dollar, should be taxed per litter, as well as a tax on an unspayed female, the third part. After all, we wouldn't want to take away anyones rights!. Tax them so it becomes unaffordable to breed.

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Kristine   Astoria, NY

6/19/2007 1:02:43 PM

I think its about time I wish they would do the same for queens!The breed is unpredictable, but unfortunately the owners are a BIG part of the problem. Example I live in Astoria and there is a guy who owns one but now 2 pit bulls and walks around with them off leash, I have a small animal and Ive seen this happen many times, people will go around or cross the street to avoid this guy and his animals and he actually gets off on this? Ridiculous something should be done.

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Rebecca   Grove City, OH

6/5/2007 10:50:39 AM

Mr. Vallone Jr. states that parents cannot protect their children from pit bulls and that they are considered a weapon. How is banning pit bulls going to stop this? The irresponsible owners who have the dogs as a status symbol are the ones who train their dogs to attack either humans or dogs. These irresponsible owners are already breaking the law by training these dogs to fight. Do you really think these "owners" will care if the animal is banned or not? NO! They are already exhibiting illegal behavior.

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