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Stacy   Clyde, Texas

1/21/2013 3:46:45 PM

I have a two year old Rhodesian Ridgeback that I've had since he was 6 weeks old. He's the 3rd dog of this breed I've had the pleasure of spending my life with.They have spent their entire life span with me the last one (Jake) living to the ripe old age of 13 yrs. The one I have now is 2 yrs old and he has developed a fear of people especially men. I've socialized him since he was a pup. He goes to the park and the vet etc... in the last 6 months he has developed a fear of men and won't get in the car unless he is coxed for awhile and even then sometimes he won't. I feel I'm calm assertive with him and he trusts me and responds to me.We have 5 other dogs ranging from a chihuahua to 2 pitbulls who live together with me my husband and my daughter they are all calm and get along great. Please if you can give me some info as to how I need to help my dog Danny I would be so grateful. I'm stumped with this one. Any info would be so helpful. I want him to be able to enjoy travel and outings with the rest of our pack. I'm a 52 yr old woman from Texas. Thanks for reading my post.

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Bailey   Falkville, International

1/18/2013 8:45:13 AM

I have a new puppy and she likes to bite a lot. Her bites are dangerous though. I have children living in my home. She is about 13 weeks old. What really disturbs me is that I believe she may be a pitbull puppy. Can someone help me please.

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Trish   Chino Hills, California

11/23/2012 7:24:31 AM

How about some tips on integrating a new puppy to a household with an adult dog. My Aussie mix isn't taking to the puppy at all like I thought she would.

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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

11/14/2012 12:53:48 PM

Good information. thanks

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cindy   fredericksburg, Virginia

11/6/2012 9:02:27 PM

Our family has an 11 week old German Shepherd puppy. She is very agressive with our two children (ages 4 & 6yrs old). We brought her home when she was 7 1/2 weeks old from a local breeder. She also has fear agression (barking and growling) with strangers who come to our house but never when we take her to the neighbors house. She also has submissive urination with my husband only. He has been following your online advice about how to deal with it. Our vet actually recommended I take her to a behaviorist. I had a male GSD before that I raised as a puppy and trained but I didnt have children at the time and he never showed an ounce of agression! He was truly a "Gentle Giant." The kids can't be kids b/c she's constantly charging them and biting them even when they are playing amongst themselves. My son does like to play with her like she's a playmate and we have been removing him or her and teaching him what's inapropriate play. She will run after him and latch on to his jeans and growl at him and not let go! I'm worried I have a very agressive dog on my hands and I don't know how to correct some of these behaviors. My husband is against getting a trainer due to the cost. Is this something we can work on and fix as a family by reading and watching videos or do I truely need professional help!? I am a stay at home mom so i am with her all day and she does listen well for being so young. Please...we have actually talked about giving it another few weeks and if it doesn't improve, giving her up. It would break my heart b/c we truly want her to be part of our pack!! But i won't jeopardize the safety of my children. I know that sounds silly being that she is only 11 weeks old but I have never seen a puppy growl and bite people that young!! Please off some help!!!


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knowledge   stone mountain, Georgia

10/20/2012 9:15:41 AM

i have a dog from some one its 10mo it will not eat the dog food i need help on this ps she like people food

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Trish   Blandon, Pennsylvania

9/27/2012 5:52:59 AM

We have a new puppy 10 Wks. old. Part Yorkie Part Maltese. She will get mad and throughs her head back and gral and tries to bite. Any suggestions?

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Peter   Los Angeles, CA

3/24/2012 9:29:54 PM

my yorkie already knows whos boss but my shih tzu doesnt, thanks for the tips :)

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Rhonda   Sarona, WI

2/16/2012 11:27:26 AM

I have never had a dog before, had back surgery so can't run but I live in country and want a medium to large dog for protection and companionship as I am alone a lot plus she must be good with my grandchildren! Please yell me where I can purchase Cesar's videos and books to make sure I will be a good pack leader!

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kathy   mocksville, NC

1/8/2012 5:34:13 PM

i recently got a puppy for my family it is a chihuahua and now at 7 weeks old she is growling at my 8 year old and being aggressive i do not know what to do we are now attached and i do not want to give up i am doing everything i know how but it is not working my concern is for my daughter i do not want the dog to bite her. The dog has already bit one person and at 7 weeks old that is not good please please help me i really need your help


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irma   Santurce, PR

3/21/2011 10:01:22 AM

Hellow Cesar: I live in an apartment, I adopted a
month old yellow labrador mix with something
Lady is a loving, joyfull, intelligent dog. I
being training her but the only thing I am not being able to control is the floor mat, she urinates and they play with it and destroys it. When I como home from work I find this disaster, I walk her every morning and afternoon hoping that she might do her thing outside, but she wont do nothing. But as soon she gets home she does it
the mat, is the only thing until know that have
being able to control. Helllllllllllp. Thank you.

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Tony\Luisa   kamloops, BC

1/25/2011 10:12:00 PM

we realy do enjoy ceasers videos thank you

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Ronda   Ypsilanti, MI

9/28/2010 9:49:39 AM

Is it true that feeding a dog banana helps to stop them from eating feces?

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Don McFall   Reno, Nv,, NV

8/5/2010 2:53:29 PM

A great article. I have neen researching the Vizsla breed and training for the past year.

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april   DeRidder, LA

7/3/2010 10:22:18 AM

I have a 8wk old ShihTzu and she eats toliet paper how do i get her to stop? please help i need a answer.

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crystal   keokuk, IA

6/18/2010 6:22:28 PM

ceaser how do u keep a puppy from darting to the door everytime someone comes over we recently adopted a 5 month old part dashund and part jackrussel terrier we live on a busy street and have a fenced in back yard everytime someone comes to the front door she almost gets out i dont want her to run into the street and get hurt please give us some advice thanks keisha our puppy will appreciate it and so do we

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Bonnie   Union City, CA

5/3/2010 4:54:06 PM

Your right. The puppy finds security when she knows you are the leader not her. She does need to earn the treats, love and affection to enjoy them and to know what she has done to deserve them.

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Joyce   Fort Laramie, WY

4/29/2010 12:01:37 PM

My son has a 9-week old chocolate lab. He is in the miltary and this past week since he was unsure whether he'd be able to get back to his apartment to let her out of her crate, he put her crate and a surround pen in the kitchen area with a couple of potty pads at the opposite end from the crate entry. He also hooked up a camera so he could observe her. She remained calm throughout the time, but after awakening, she promptly pees on the pad. Then she brings all her toys to the pad and lays down on the soiled pad. So upon returning home she smells like puppy pee and he has to give her a bath. Any idea why she is doing this?

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Angela   Kensington, CA

4/13/2010 2:33:11 PM

I have a 9 wk old shitzu that suddenly is growling uncontrollably when my kids pick him up or when I try to take something out his mouth or clean his eyes. How can I get him to stop this?

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Britt Pionk   Port Huron, MI

4/7/2010 5:22:20 PM

I just got a new puppy Yorkshire Terrier she is wonderful and it appears she is being excepted into the pack by all animals and humans. One problem she is nipping and biting at both humans and dogs, the dogs just walk away. I think that is my fault as they are bigger dogs and I did not want them to hurt her so when they got rough I corrected them now she goes at them and they do nothing, so she has started on us. We do correct and redirect the behavior but she get going and has trouble stopping until a different member of the family comes and then she turns it right off. We need some tips. We have tried the back of the neck nip and loud noise. We walk her with the pack eat etc and she is doing great except for the nipping.

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