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Karen   St. Marys, PA

2/13/2010 5:08:11 AM

What are you doing these are posts of 2007 this is 2010, come on we come to you for current news, your like an old newspaper, only good in the down of a bird cage!

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Rosine   New York, NY

2/22/2007 11:33:17 AM

I attended the group judging on Monday, took photos and had a great time. However, I think a seperate aisle in the benching area for dogs & their trainer to get to and from the judging rings should be considered for next year. I was bumped several times by large show dogs who were trying to follow their trainer to the ring for judging while other trainers were holding the smaller dogs. Shouldn't these "show dogs" be treated as such? They are the best in their breeds.

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Terry   New York, NY

2/19/2007 5:26:58 PM

I was there this year like all the rest. Last year in 26 inches of snow I wouldn't miss it for the world. If your a dog lover you need to go at least once in your lifetime. As Pedigree dogs food puts it

D O G S R U L E !!!!!! finally I got a shirt this year. It's a long two days but well worth the time and you can't beat the price for that amount of show. I was there from opening to closing. Met alot of great people. It's a elite group with lots of very elite people and the best dogs in the world..........................

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cj   Charlotte, NC

2/17/2007 1:02:43 PM

The info in the "behind the scenes" had a lot of very interesting stuff!

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