Comments on Dog Food Recall Expands

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Jackie   Kensington, NH

3/24/2007 6:16:24 PM

I completely agree with Cynthia. Also, China is killing their dogs because they are too lazy to fix the rabies problem. Their respect for life isn't as high as ours. Why would they care what they sold us for our pets, when they are killing their own.

With all the grain we produce in this country, why on earth are we importing it from them anyway? Some how that doesn't make any sense to me.

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Cynthia   Newville, PA

3/24/2007 3:52:53 PM

This is so sad. It hurts reading all those posts by pet owners who were affected by the poisoned food.

I never have trusted commercial pet food. This is the reason why I buy only organic and make home-made meals for my dog and cats. There are only a few brands that I could recommend - Organix, Newman's Own Organic and Pet Guard Organic. The little extra you pay is worth it if it keeps your pet healthy.

People that really care about their pets need to read this article from the Animal Protection Institute..."What's Really in Pet Food" Also read the article, "Food Not Fit for a Pet" by holistic vet Wendell Belfield...

When looking for pet food, check out the company first to find out where they source all their ingredients. For instance, I would never buy food for myself or my pets that was produced in China. Their food standards are extremely poor. It doesn't surprise me at all that the grain imported from China was contaminated. Read this article on pesticides in China... http://www.organicconsumers. org/toxic/chinapesticides012103.cfm AND this article... Remember, you get what you pay for, so BUYER

What most pet food companies, like those that Menu foods produces, contain the cheapest ingredients available for the highest profit.

If reading the article published by the Animal Protection Institute doesn't completely change your whole outlook on the pet food industry, read this..."Food Pets Die For" AND l97petfood.html.

The whole way they produce pet food reminds me of Solient Green! I't appalling! Food not fit for any living creature.

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