Comments on The Best Dog Parks of 2008

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Murphy   Stanhope, NJ

1/9/2009 12:51:31 PM

I love the park in Wantage, NJ. It's a hike for me, but in the summer nothing beats wading in the stream with my dog.

In nominating a worst dog park, I think the dog park at Lewis Morris Park in Morristown, NJ should take the prize. It's just a paved parking lot with a fence around it. My dog shattered a nail there once on the pavement. It has no toys, obstacles, or any amenities. It's overcrowded with rude people and it never gets cleaned.

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Bonnie Binner   Frankfort, IL

5/26/2008 8:48:11 AM

My two dogs, Isabella and Gabby LOVE the Frankfort bark park in Frankfort Il., it is so nice, all the dogs just have a great time getting together, wags and smiles how cute is that!

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bianca   columbia, MD

5/23/2008 11:15:18 AM

marland needs dog parks i want to open one but i dont know how

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Cheril   Amarillo, TX

4/29/2008 9:03:16 AM

Gees! Too bad I won't be doing any traveling soon to the northern part of the country ...

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Scott   La Crosse, WI

4/29/2008 6:41:15 AM

They should come out with a "America's Worst Dog Parks". If they did, I would nominate the one (and there's only one) in La Crosse, Wisconsin. A horrible dog park. Too small. Commonly overcrowded. No blind entry to there's a dog stampede when owners bring in their dogs. It does have a doggie lock gate but only one of them and, as I just said, it is in full view of the entire park. The "park" is flat. Next to a marsh (that's what they call swamps in Wisconsin) so in the summer, you're eaten alive by swarms of mosquitoes. It is hidden away. In fact, it is the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse's dog park. The city here is so cheap, it bums the university's dog park ... even though the VAST majority of college owners in the park are not college students. I think if Dog Fancy magazine ran "America's Worst Dog Parks", it might shame those communities (like La Crosse) in upgrading and expanding their parks.


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