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Andy   Stratford, Connecticut

2/17/2014 1:07:22 PM

My Male Shih Tzu bacame very ill one week after his Sister passed away. He turned 13 years old in April 2013, he wound up with sludge build-up in his Gall Bladder. My Vet and the Vets at the Animal Hospital did not give him much of a chance for survial, they even suggested removal of the Gall Bladder which at that age I was against. With the Meds he survived, the Vets said his diet would have to change. My Norton did not like the food recommended so I started cooking for him. I am sorry I never did this earlier, maybe my Female would be still with me. If your dog is your true friend like mine then take the time and cook for your pet. It will do wonders for your animal as well as it will make you feel good, they are totally depend on you.

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lollypupgirl   bloom, Michigan

10/28/2012 4:15:02 PM

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Shelly   Toronto, New York

9/13/2012 9:01:34 AM

Can anyone help!. I have a cockopoo, love her to death and last summer she developed allergies. She has this nasal, grunting sound and she scratches her face and licks one back paw. We took her to the vet and is currently on Vanectyl P 60 gm, which I give to her every other day. She cannot go for more than one day without a pill before the scratching starts again and I am concerned about the long term effects it will have on her. I took her to another vet for a second opinion and was told to take her off all ready made foods and try home cooked ones. I just bought quinoa and tilapia but have not cooked it as I am scared and not sure how to balance her diet. (I was told to give her something she's never had before to see the changes, she'd had salmon before so I choose tilapia) any suggestions will be appreciated

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Dulcie DeCillis   Peabody, Massachusetts

9/6/2012 5:42:19 AM

Home cooking for your dogs is the way to go! Just make sure that it is balanced. For those of you who would like to homecook but do not have the time...Please contact me. My business is all about the dogs. I home cook for dogs in my Peabody store. AAFCO approved and all human quality meats and vegis are used along with a homemade vitamin mix.Check it out.

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Elizabeth Thibeault   North Brookfiled, MA

10/23/2011 10:27:13 AM

I cook for my dog and never feed him dog food at all. I also give him supplements. It has taken me awhile to figure out what he likes and does not like but this is what I have come up with and my holistic vet agrees and loves the fact that I keep up with it and my dog is super healthy!! The supplements he gets are Salmon oil, Vitamin E, and a Digestive Enzyme (the one I give has his multi vitamin in it so I don't have to give it to him separate). The foods are ground beef, chicken, turkey or venison I also do use non ground and then I put it through the food processor after boiling it. For vegetables I use carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, greenbeans, cabbage, zucchini, summer squash and I have tried spinich but my dog hates it! For grains he likes oatmeal, brown rice, barley, lentils, chick peas, sweet potato, potato & rice. I add the supplements to each meal individually and I cook once a week. He is a standard size min pin and only eats about 2/3 cup of food and the food is mixed about 2/3 protein to 1/3 veggie carb mix this is per my vet instructions. He is a very happy and healthy dog and when I got him he was very very sick and close to dying. This was my vets idea and at first I was very much not really with him on it, but after seeing how my boy responded to it and how healthy he was getting, I am definately all for it. I have done my research and I see all the evidence I need in my dog!! He is healthy, has no tartar on his teeth, his coat shines he has zero dandruff and he has lots of energy. I love that my dog is so healthy and happy and it is not even expensive to take care of him!!!!


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gerry   bayonet point, FL

10/9/2011 5:35:25 PM

I recently saw a recipe for "turkey Jerky" snacks in a magazine. Now I can't find it. Can anyone send me the recipe? Thanks.

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Crystalann   Urbandale, IA

6/19/2011 8:41:22 PM

Im doing a lot of reading on this as Im starting to consider doing homecooking for my dog. We have tried so many different dog foods for my Staffordshire Bull Terrier that I literally cant think of a brand we havent tried.

No matter what she does, she acts hungry all the time. Shes started begging for food when we eat, which she only started since turning 5 months of age (shes not almost 7 months), and she acts like she's starved - outside she tries to eat anything she can get a hold of, including her own feces if we arent watching.

My vet and trainer cant figure anything out. I work at a vet clinic and weve done countless tests: everything comes out clear and says shes fine but still she doesnt seem to be as heavy as she is. We have to make her eat her own food, and we have a very difficult time doing so. Now that Im getting desperate and reading about home-made dog diets, I hope to find something that she could eat thats good for her too.

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rebecca   Biddeford, ME

4/25/2010 12:45:05 PM

I started cooking for my 1st dog when it became apparent that he was allergic to many things indog shown by his dull coat,reddened paws,spots of hair missing,and itchy flaky skin.I then got a small breed pup..and as we all know how picky they can be..I cook up some brown rice,barley..meat in the form of ground chicken,ground hamburger,ground turkey.. also reg chicken. I add in some carrots,peas,sweet potatoes,squash,pumpkin..not all veggies are put in at the same time..I just add a variety.I also add in some herbs for flavor..rosemary etc.sometimes cottage cheese,or regular cheese..they love it..and their coats are shny..I do add a little HIGH QUALITY dog food..because I somehow feel they wouldnt get enough nutrition..but maybe I dont need to?

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peggy   piedmont, AL

12/24/2009 1:42:30 PM

feeding a dog boil chicken livers

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Deb   Bangor, ME

5/30/2009 3:04:41 PM

I just watched a Canadian tv report on packaged dog foods. It stated that dog foods can advertise ANYTHING and there are no controls. They can put ANYTHING in the food. NO dog foods, or cat, use "human grade" as they advertise and the expensive are ONLY less bad than the cheap. They ALL use the discarded parts of animals that human food companies discard. They use diseased foods, the WORST parts of meats. They grind it up and cover it with fats. The more tasty are covered in more fats and flavors; that is the only difference. The fats that they use, of course, are not good fats. NO companies do what they say, when they state "human

I went through the big dog food trauma, when foods were killing dogs, and didn't change to home cooking. I am going to now, after seeing this report. The point was very very clear that you CANNOT trust ANY advertising in the dog food business.


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Tiffany   Stevens Point, WI

5/5/2009 12:45:26 PM

My fiance is a chef and we have a 10 month old American Pit Bull Terrier. He cooks for him and has since he was about 6 months. Not only does he love the variety, but his teeth are extremely white, coat is shiny and soft and he is very healthy. We just change up the meat in each batch and add the same, so he feels that he's getting something different each time. We use white or brown rice mixed with canned mixed veggies (corn, green beans, peas, and carrots) and sometimes potatoes with whatever meat we have laying around!

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reggie   birmingham uk, CA

2/7/2009 2:56:35 PM

hi my name is reggie with regards to home cooking for my dog.i have refused to eat processed food for 30 years due to unspecified fat,s and general bad stuff and we are lerning this is true of manufactured dog food, in the uk i had a friend who bred racing greyhound with great success these dog lived on irish stew and fresh fruit,i feel natural has to be best,with may be some supplements.

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Jessica   Endicott, NY

4/14/2007 9:42:25 PM

I'm glad they they added the fruit and veggies that are harmful to dogs. A lot of dog owners out there don't know that thwy could be accidentaly poisioning they're dogs with home made foods.

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kino   Spring Valley, CA

4/14/2007 3:22:49 PM

thanks for sharing

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Sandi   Lake Milton, OH

4/14/2007 5:47:49 AM

My vet recommends grren beans as a snack for my dog. Also to give him a half a can of them in his dog food as a filler. Helps to keep the weight gain.

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