Comments on The Havanese Knows How to Havana Good Time

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Patty   painesville, Ohio

3/2/2013 12:49:28 PM

How do I get my almost 2 year old havanese to ring a bell when she needs to go out?

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Merry Jeanne   Hihg Point, NC

5/18/2008 2:06:06 PM

What a great article. You did a wonderful job with your research. Thank you for sharing such great information about such a great breed.

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Jim   NYC, NY

5/17/2008 3:54:15 AM

It's refreshing to read such a well written article about the Havanese in the July 2008 Dog World. Most writers will gloss over the warts, but your well researched article gives the reader the essential information they need before making a decision to purchase a Havanese. It is a shame to learn the Havanese are being bred without regard to the breed's health. Thank God there are others with the strength of character to rescue the Havana dog fromm extinction.

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Michele Johannes   St. Charles, MO

5/15/2008 7:07:52 PM

I just about orderd a subscription to dog world, but I didn't. After seeing what you have done to the Havanese, my breed. HCA is not in support of the HSDAA drival. Neither am I, I am glad I did not order your magazine. I did order a subscription to Dogs in Review and have even placeds ads, I will no longer support your publications anymore. When my subscription expirese I will not renew, I will not recommend your magazines, I am extreamly disapointed in your

I am a family member who is on the Board of Directors and know the lengths at which the tried to correct a situation they knew would turn out just as it has. Your group proved them right. Slanted article with half truths from the folks that could not play in the sand box so the packed up thier dogs and created a new breed.

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Joanne   Richmond, VA

5/15/2008 5:31:20 PM

Loved the article on the Havanese in July 2008 Dog was informative, well written and well researched. Fabulous!


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Deborah   Monticello, IN

5/15/2008 2:38:39 PM

I am totally furious about the article supposedly written about the Havanese when in fact you focused the article about the Havanese Silk Dog Association of America. This was utterly ridiculous. You should have given the parent club (Havanese Club of America) all rights to this representation of the Havanese in your magazine. Instead, you chose to give the attention to the select few who are harming our lovely Havanese name. Those select few purchased Havanese, wanted the club to change the name to the Havanese Silk Dog, the club members voted that proposal down, so they stormed off and decided they would create some new health conscious breed they call now Havana Silk Dog (which they are AKC registered Havanese). The Havanese Club of America and it's many dedicated members and breeders breed to the standard and do extensive health testing in order to preserve and protect this original Cuban dog with wonderful personalities making them ideal companions for the entire family. Those HSDAA people just fed you a bunch a baloney and YOU published it! I currently subscribe to Dogs in Review, but after reading this article in Dog World, I do not believe I will be renewing my subscription. I recommend that BowTie, Inc. print an apology to the HCA and all Havanese owners here and abroad. I might suggest that BowTie, Inc reserve a space in the next Dog World magazine and let the HCA and it's Havanese lovers write a true, factual and accurate article about the Havanese.

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