Comments on Dog Food Recall Toxin May Have Been Intentional

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Heusrthxt   hthvxhtrttthxs, MS

6/14/2008 8:13:09 AM

"There's nothing wrong with using wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate as an ingredient" What a loser! Thats just like saying " There's nothing wrong with poisening millions of innocent dogs and cats in one year" This is why I always give my cats and dogs home made food that i made, and i feel safe giving them what i made, because i know whats in it. And i dont willingly put toxins that i know can harm cats and dogs.

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Robyn   Houston, OH

4/26/2007 6:32:05 AM

April 26 Drs Foster and Smith brand joined recall. Just wondering when the tip of the iceburg will break. Now pork and chicken in 6 states found to be contaminated. How can you tell anyone that the commercial food supply is safe if we don't even know if human grade food is safe?

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