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Mae   International

9/22/2014 4:10:02 PM

I'm getting sled dogs and I need to know what and how I need to set up there play area

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Hilary   Houstan, Texas

12/17/2013 2:50:52 PM

Thanks so much for sharing this! I have been really needing to get good fence repair in Toronto... Are you very familiar with this website at all:

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Jack   Lancaster, Pennsylvania

2/26/2013 6:57:54 AM

I'm a strong believer in providing dog fencing for dogs. It just makes sense. With Charlie, every time we opened the door he would take off. We got tired of it and finally purchased a Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fencing System. It's the only Wire-Free Fencing System that uses the latest digitally encoded Wi-Fi signal technology used in advanced wireless

Check it out
http://www.betterdogproducts. com/dog-fences/ptpwf-100-perimeter-wire-free-wi-fi- -dog-fencing-system/

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Ann   Anderson, SC

11/30/2011 11:07:23 AM

I have six dogs and I have invisible fencing all around my property, my dogs don't leave the yard BUT other dogs have come into my yard and recently they bit the dog and he died 2 days later, the neighbors other dog taunts my dogs and has come into my yard, they unfortunately don't leash or fence their animals in as many of my neighbors don't, I need a fence to keep other dogs out but I'm recently widowed and work part time as a bartender, what would you suggest I do?

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Marisa   Baltimore, MD

3/24/2011 3:30:09 PM

We had our yard fenced last summer with a Pet Playgroundz fence system so that my 1 year old black lab, Brody, could exercise and enjoy a leash-free existence. The fence is really a great and affordable way to allow for a place for our lab to exercise and roam in the yard. It is also practically invisible, allowing me to keep an unobstructed view of my back yard and my garden beyond the fence (where Brody cannot dig). As much energy as Brody has, this is certainly effective in keeping him happy, exercised, and contained!


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Karl   New Orleans, LA

3/24/2011 2:55:38 PM

Pet Playgroundz, L.L.C., provides a secure, safe, and affordable enclosure for your dogs. The nearly invisible, asthetically pleasing - NON ELECTRIC-NO SHOCK - fencing system effectively protects your pets from any outside hazards, including other

Pet Playgroundz, L.L.C., offers two quality grades of enclosures, with or without metal chew guards that flare inward (from 3 to 4 feet) in order to prevent digging under the enclosure: (1)- A 600-pound rated breaking strength fencing with a 12-gauge monofilament cable support system. (2)- A 900-pound rated breaking strength fencing with an 8-gauge cable support system. Pet Playgroundz' enclosures are made of black polypropylene grid fencing material supported by galvanized black vinyl-coated 1/58 " round steel posts, that slide into steel sleeves and are driven into the ground 24 inches or more, as needed, for maximum strength and durability. A tensioned cable system in strung between "Post Points" at the top and bottom of the support points in order to create a strong and tensioned cable support system. This cable system is also used to adhere the polypropylene fence and wire chew guard together.

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Barbara   Houston, TX

12/26/2007 10:32:03 AM

Good basic article. I'm interested in finding some design tips on making a fence that will give us some privacy in the back yard, but let the dogs see out, since they're the ones who spend the most time there. Thinking about inset wrought iron panels/sections low in a wood fence, not sure how to make it not look upside down.

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