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Nicole - 254729   

6/28/2012 9:03:41 AM

We have had this happen on more than one occasion. *sigh* We found a non-toxic product called Quick n Brite and decided to give it a try. I didn't like the mixtures I found online that you had to make sure they wouldn't explode or get in my dogs eyes. Quick n Brite is actually an all purpose cleaner, but when we talked to a representative at the company they were very confident that it would work and it did! I included a link to their blog but basically you mix the concentrated Quick n Brite solution with water and spray it on your pet (or carpet or whatever else it gets onto) and let it sit then hose it off. My dog allows it to soak in for about 10 minutes before we rinse and we found that the longer it sits the better job it does. We also use this product to clean our dog (when he is not sprayed by skunks!) and it is great to make his fur soft and doesn't dry out his skin. Would recommend ordering this product as it is far better than anything we have tried.

http://quicknbritecleaning. -pets.html

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Gordon   Wrightwood, CA

1/31/2012 7:51:46 PM

We encountered lots of skunks on the beach last spring, and my two goldens were right into them. Only one got sprayed...the other usually manages to avoid such events...(the female, of course, hunted the skunk down...and didn't even notice she'd been sprayed)--anyway a person on the beach told me about this cure, and even in really small doses, it works absolutely great! I was shocked how quickly the smell disappeared, and that was only using a pint of hydrogen peroxide, a little dish soap, (any kind will work, apparently) and a little baking soda. Gone, in an instant! It's a miracle, when you have them in the car with you.

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Hugh   Boonville, IN

12/11/2011 10:18:45 AM

WD40 - spray and work into the fur well with your hands - rinse with warm water - wash dog with a good lather of Dawn liquid soap - rinse - towel dry - Odor GONE on dog and hands - I have tried all the others but this works

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RicoSuave   Grand Rapids, MI

11/7/2011 6:56:11 PM

good works!!!

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Butch   Belding, MI

11/4/2011 9:13:57 AM

My St Bernard got sprayed last night,so I couldn't get the peroxide until this morning,I bathed her last night with dog shampoo,I figured it would take forever to get rid of the smell since it had time to set in,to my surprise after just one bath with this solution the smell is gone
I'm definatly going to keep this stuff on file incase she isn't smart enough to leave the skunks alone in the future.


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Teresa   Plymouth, MI

9/6/2011 7:57:03 PM

Amazing. Our Viszla got skunked tonight. We used this recipe and it worked immediately. No more smell, at least not on the dog.

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Mike   Commerce Twp., MI

8/28/2011 2:14:29 AM

After a long day at work, I let my dogs out and there was a skunk in the yard. My bulldog was clueless to it, my mutt saw it before it moved. She went right to it and of course was sprayed in the face. My first instinct was bath in warm/hot water. It helped but not much. I found this and gave her another bath right after. Smell was pretty much gone from her, now just have to air out the house.

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Joy   Amarillo, TX

8/20/2011 12:25:09 PM

My dog was sprayed this morning. After trying another product without success I found this article. The mixture worked amazingly. Since we live in the country I will keep this recipe on hand for future use. Thank you.

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Glenn   Attleboro, MA

8/15/2011 7:58:27 PM

The one time my Cocker decided to be brave was the wrong time ( i guess timing is everything) my wife went on line found this site and gave the formula

a try, and it does work there was a hint of skunk on his face as i was a little leery near his eyes but the majority is gone and would recommend this solution to anyone. Thanks for the tip on this Jake is a happy camper now.

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an   Spring Lake, NJ

7/30/2011 5:23:03 AM

She was sprayed very late at night. So, could not do this right away. Tried it in the morning and it worked great. Thank you very much.


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Adam   Hillsboro, OR

7/26/2011 9:55:51 AM

Our very furry American Eskimo dog got sprayed. I used the solution as soon as I found the article, and it was quite effective. Great call!

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Rick   salinas, CA

7/17/2011 11:26:45 AM

thanks for the tip my jack russel terrier got sprayed by a skunk made the mixer worked great just wanted to say thanks

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c   aptos, CA

7/13/2011 9:01:06 AM

will the peroxide bleach my dalmataians black spots?

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Scott Neidel   Yardley, PA

3/2/2011 4:46:03 AM

That mixture of peroxide, baking soda and dawn dish soap does the trick. My dog gets sprayed right in the mouth and on his left side at 4;00am. My wife said to use tomato paste. Now I have an all white dog. Could you imagine that mess on top of a mess? Found that magic mixture, put it on my doggie. Let it sit for 15min. The oily stench was gone...... So Thank you very much who ever came up that magic mixture.

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Annette   Kirby, TX

2/23/2011 10:39:54 AM

The feminine douche really works. My dog run in the back door into the livingroom and rolled. The douche got the smell out of the
Thanks for the tip.

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Bob   Walnut Creek, CA

2/7/2011 4:40:11 AM

The Douche fixed the pooch. Feminine douche saved my dog from an early grave. I love him
Thanks for a great tip.

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Laurie   Rumney, NH

1/2/2011 9:31:25 AM

I'm 50 years old and have had animals all of my life, to include wild animals and a pot bellied pig that lives in the closet in the laundry room. After dousing my Morgan Horse with Tomato juice one night after he mistook a skunk for a cat, I knew there had to be another way. The best vet I ever knew, Dr. Schatzle, blushingly told me the absolute best way to take care of skunk smell. It's very simple, there is no formula, it's handy to keep around. It's Women's Douche. I'm telling you, it's amazing. I emptied a container in a bucket, dilluted it a little with water,ran the sponge over my dog, and Voila'! the smell was almost gone - just a faint odor. I couln't believe it. For years now I have kept a supply, passed the secret onto others who have raved about it, and will NEVER worry about the skunk issue again. The only downside is going to the check out counter with 20 boxes of Women's Douche.....a little embarassing, but worth it to solve the problem IMMEDIATELY and without fanfare or trauma to your dog or animal. Thank you Dr. Schatzle!

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Maude   Richmond, CA

12/31/2010 2:51:20 PM

Forget Nature's Miracle and similar products. This formula is the ONLY one that works! My dog (cocker spanial) got sprayed very close up and the smell was so bad I nearly vomited. Took 2 complete washing with the formula, but it worked and the dog was allowed back in the house. The dog was also several shades lighter for a few months.

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Michele   Suffern, NY

11/6/2010 10:40:09 PM

Thank you so much! It worked like a charm. My dog can sleep in the house tonight.

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John   Kernville, CA

11/6/2010 3:41:30 PM

Omg this worked sooooooo great. I hosed him off rubbed him down let it soak rinsed then shampooed and rinsed again. No smell thank god.

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