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Dixie   Phenix City, Alabama

11/18/2014 6:11:44 AM

Johnna, I am so sorry for your horrific loss. What an awful thing to have gone through. My story is severe but you will be in my prayers for the rest of my life.

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Pam   Gadsden, Alabama

5/19/2014 11:53:44 AM

This is a start. More important, every dog attack requiring medical attention should have a full report with pictures of the injuries and pictures of the attacking dog from every angle included in the report that should be submitted to law enforcement. Requiring pictures of the attacking dog will definitively show which type dogs are responsible for these horrendous first attack deaths and maimings, Fighting breed dogs were never meant to be family pets.

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Johnna   Riverside, Alabama

5/18/2014 10:56:40 PM

After living the nightmare my children and i have by loosing our precious angel, has opened my eyes to dangers unknown and kept hushed. People are chosing to push certain breeds for money knowing the dangers making people believe they are family dogs. Do your research fully. Look up all the known victims, see the truth in the behavioral nature of these animals befor you put ypur family and people who live around you at risk. All animals are capable of bitting someone, there are breeds killing and turning when proven no prior signs. If people would take a moment out and do true research on these animals this wouldnt be a debate. Human life, Gods blessings, are being brutaly murdered as my son was on april 6th. After what my family will forever greive and have nightmares of their brother being eaten defensless, think twice. Mauling needs to be graphic. Not a shake n bite, its eating. My angel had no face or neck left, still trying to breath as his brother kicked he looked up growled and went back to eating his face. Human rights should come first. My child should have had the right to play safely. With all the other dangers in this world n tragities these can be prevented and should be. Just with sex offenders, ect we have the legal right to know where they are in our neighborhoods. These animals should have no rights over our safety of our families when there is too many documented cases of killings and attacks that are growing daily. We cant always look at a person and say hes going to kill, or car accidents ect, but when we know the potential proven why are people taking a risk as this? Please i pray this goes forward so no family should have to live with what we do every day for the reat of our lives, forever changed. And my angel suffered fighting to live through the whole thing and after. With us always <3 all in our prayers that this doesnt happen to anyone <3

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mary   dania, FL

6/9/2010 5:03:14 PM

puppies do not belong in a yard unattended to "escape" You looked for your dog for an hour? WHoop di doo, you think that shows you are concerned? Your dog and all dogs should be kept in the house. A loose dog, whether chihuahua or rottweiler is unlawful and the owner should be given a stiff fine with escalating higher fines upon repeated loose dog offenses. That will encourage people to keep an eye on their dog. If I lost my puppy, I would be searching day and night , posting flyers and calling anyone and everyone to find the dog. It is a mistake to allow any governmnet official to violae your constitutional rights and take your dog without due process. Today its your dog, tomarrow your kids and next year your guns. Do not let anyone violate your constitutional rights by taking your dog without a seizure warrant.

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diane guyton   bessemer, AL

5/12/2009 6:28:05 PM

my puppy got out of my yard beford o could fine him a rock willer dog had kill him the owener did not tell us right a way we looked for him for hour we sceen the man ask him he said he ran over our puppy did not call us or any thing but looking at him we new somthing else had happy they tell us that alabama as no laws for dog like that well i think they should an what can i do to help this was our baby an this was wrong


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carol   canton, OH

4/8/2009 4:10:54 PM

i think pitbulls are fine....its all on how owner raise
they are loveable,caring,playful,andmuch
if i had a chance i would own

i think people theses days are dramacitic they think pitbulls are the eviliest dog in the world ,ive been around alot and to me they are uniuue and
i think people should give pits a try and not be shot..i think u should get the people that fight them in jail,and not destroy the dog.its dont the pits fault for attack anyone it the owners

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Arthur   Des Moines, IA

8/27/2008 9:30:07 AM

I strongly dissagree with the idea of having to request due process. Our nations will only stay great as long as all laws are properly enforced, not skipped over if an individual forgets to mail in a form. Alabama is, however, to be commended for the deffinition of a dangerous dog. Too often is a single breed labled as a danger, while the multitude of mutts and purebred dogs can bite our children unnoticed. A dog does what it is taught, and we should be punishing the teacher, not the straight "A" students.

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12/10/2007 6:14:32 AM


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Katie   Suwanee, GA

11/9/2007 7:06:59 PM

Number 1: Good thing I dont have a visious dog in Alabama. Number 2: This article scares me.

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Sharon   Talihina, OK

5/25/2007 8:14:17 PM

I have a big problem with this. I had a Service Dog that my daughters neighbor hated, she was American Bulldog and very friendly. They would tease her every day and even after I had told them to leave her alone they would not. I even called the police and they said that there was nothing they could do. Next thing I know the police are in the neighbors back yard and our three dogs are at the fence barking because the person that had been teasing them was there. I told the cops this was my service dog and went through a lot of hassle. The cop threatened to shot my SD on the spot, who was laying unger the trampoline at the time. To make a long story short, my lawyer got ahold of the town council, mayor, police, dog catcher, (they took her from me to destroy). A huge lawsuit was told would come down on them. Just becasue someone teased and created a dog to react. This is not a good law unless there is an unprovocated attack, the dog is running at large and other factors. This issue is giving me the willies, people are about to lose thier dogs with the word of someone else. This is going to not be a good thing, and will backfire


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