Comments on Five Tips for Cleaning Up Your Dog's Accidents

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Kelly   Wilmington, Ohio

3/15/2013 5:14:32 AM

Pour white vinegar on spot enough to thoughly cover accident and then cover with generous amounts of baking soda leave come back hr or so later clean up not only will the go aged take care of the smell of the accident the baking soda will take care of the smell of both the accident and the vinegar and the vinegar will retire the dog from using that spot again

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Aly   Hollister, CA

2/20/2012 10:27:47 AM


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Jess   Beaverton, ON

6/3/2011 10:28:50 PM

I know it was a demonstration, but the use of some gloves would have been nice. And paper towels should be placed underneath the rug if possible as well as on top with
Baby wipes are great for wiping up on wood or other smooth surfaces. Cuts right thru the smell.

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Irene   Regina, SK

5/21/2011 7:56:18 AM

THANKS for the advice great,hope more advice comes!:):):)

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heidi   chicago, IL

8/8/2010 3:53:40 PM

its hard work too clean up dog accidents but you have too train and i give credits to the ladie in this video because 75 percent of dogs are going to humane societys of potty accidedents when there ths ones too train there dog thats part of owening a dog...


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sophie   jacksnvil, FL

7/12/2010 10:26:12 AM

do not get mad just cean it up. And DO NOT SLSP IT ETHER or when you take it out it will not potty poop or deyory

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Bella   Joplin, MO

7/1/2010 6:27:31 PM

good advice :)

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arillana   frostproof, FL

5/30/2010 2:29:06 PM

coool!!i think ill use this video wisely!! i luv my dog! <3 kingslee

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cristin   latoya, AR

5/17/2010 3:51:17 PM

oh ima try to follow those tips they might come in handy some times if they do it ones they will do it again

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carla   lancaster, CA

4/25/2010 6:56:48 PM

oh whaqta cute pup


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rosario   werst haven, CT

3/21/2010 8:50:10 PM

very usefull

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Nicole   Alpharetta, GA

3/13/2010 7:36:46 PM

I thought the article was very helpful. You see I just got a new puppy and we have lots of rugs so this helped alot.

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Erica   Simcoe, ON

3/8/2010 5:23:51 PM

Good tips

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Tyler   Fremont, CA

2/23/2010 6:34:48 PM

Thanks for the tips

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imani   phildaila, PA

2/14/2010 6:12:38 AM

i love these dogs because there cute

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Tyler   Fremont, CA

2/11/2010 1:09:15 PM


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lily   auroa, IL

1/27/2010 6:39:22 AM

every body knows those dumb tips

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Teresa   Radford, VA

11/20/2009 5:23:35 PM

great tips!!

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kate   midwest city, OK

8/2/2009 11:39:35 AM

great tips!

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Amy   Chambersburg, PA

6/26/2009 2:27:45 PM

great info.

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