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Cory   Davenport Florida, Florida

2/9/2013 2:06:44 PM

Our 2 year old terrier has frequent urination. sometime she tries to pee and cannot

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

1/7/2013 6:03:01 AM

I am finding all these health issue article very informative.

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Biv   Watson, FL

9/26/2011 2:03:14 PM

We have a 6 year old male JRT neutered trial dog. For years when he runs a lot we see blood in his urine. Happened first a vets being boarded where he ran free all the time. After vets checks we found the hard running forces blood from the mussels and into the kidneys. He's always clear the next day. He's not a racer but when we let him race at some trials we occasionally see blood in his urine but it always clears within a day.

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sandy lockwood   london, WA

6/4/2011 12:45:54 AM

hi everyone great information about boxerdogs the only few i could find on prostate hyplasia this is where the prostate enlarges my boxer has recently been diagnosed with this condition i wanted to share with you the symptoms.. more intake of daily water very dry nose sometimes a bit runny bloody spots after going to the toilet licking that region more often more tiredness than usaul.i hope this hepls other dog owners detect it early the best way of preventing this is casteration.hopefully this will help some pet owners thankyou

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Truthiness   NY, NY

4/5/2011 9:06:15 PM

Something different with dog? Go to

Wow!!! Thanks for the news flash Tom Brokaw!


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janet   bethlehem, PA

8/31/2010 4:21:55 AM

good article thanks

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Penny   New York, NY

8/23/2010 10:05:17 AM

I was totally surprised to learn that like humans, dogs and cats can get
UTIs! 456_1_urinary-tract-dogs-and-cats-infections

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Delanie   waco, TX

8/9/2010 11:21:36 PM

im sorry to say but your information was not helpfull at all.... i want to know what "I" can do befor i HAVE to call the vet...also u just gave symtoms but not what causes them to happen...

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Ramona   Magnolia, DE

12/23/2009 5:19:52 PM

Thank you for your expert advice.

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A   C, WY

11/12/2009 9:43:11 AM

a while ago my shep/lab mix was suffering from chronic UTI, but after switching foods, she's doing much better, and doesnt seem to be as prone to UTI.


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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

10/15/2009 12:40:59 PM

Thanks for the info!

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Ellamae   Ridgeley,, WV

6/15/2009 6:19:16 PM

Just like Daisy from Denver,CO., my dog had stones and we had to put her on a very expensive dog food. She is a very high strung Jack Russell. But we love her very much.

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janet   bethlehem, PA

4/30/2009 4:34:34 AM

god article thank you

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Daisy   Denver, CO

3/23/2009 8:00:39 AM

Aren't bladder stones a possible cause as well?

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search   haleiwa, HI

10/30/2008 9:15:25 PM

thank you for the helpful info

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mary   ptld, ME

6/25/2008 3:07:36 AM

good article.

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