Comments on X-rays Needed to Diagnose Dog’s Nasal Tumor

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Mary   Campton, NH

8/4/2011 12:55:21 PM

My dog had a similar problem. When she was 8, she began "coughing" and sneezing. At first the vet thought it was kennel cough, but the medication didn't help. Then the nosebleeds started out of her right nostril. At first they were very minor, a drip here and there. Very quickly, within weeks, the nosebleeds because very intense, coming on often and strong. Sometimes they would last for an hour at a time and we had no way to control them. We did the CAT scan and Rhinoscopy as our vet recommended, and our Diggy was diagnosed with nasal cancer. After finding out how aggressive this type of cancer is, we opted to skip the radiation and try a holistic vet. We made all of her food, had her on a ton of herbs and vitamins, and we ended up losing her two months after she was diagnosed.

If you are going through the same thing, I would seriously consider doing the paleative least to give your dog more time.

One thing that ABSOLUTELY helped with the nosebleeds was a chinese herbal capsule called Yunan Baiyo. We gave it to her twice a day and kept it with us if she got a bad nosebleed. Also, we had a narcotic painkiller for her that helped to relax her and I believed that helped the nosebleeds stop faster.

Good luck to you all. By no means is nasal cancer an easy thing to watch your precious friend go through.

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Toni   Mesquite, TX

4/23/2010 10:15:53 AM

I have been going through a similar situation with my nine year old collie. She has had a nasal scope, various antibiotics, and fungal medication. I think it must be a tumor, although they did not see one. I have been told they can be difficult to detect. I think this article is helpful for those going through this problem with their pet.

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