Comments on ‘The Link’ Between Pet Abuse and Human Violence

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Roberta   Wikieup, AZ

1/14/2009 12:04:40 PM

I've seen this more times than not as a JP for many years. Though I'm not a JP now, it still stays in my mine. The abuser just about always takes out his anger not only on the partner but also on the animal, because of anger, or revenge, or pure delight in it. It always saddens me.

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shuei and mika   Sherrill, NY

6/12/2008 9:17:21 AM

i know that there is a connection. the people that are in humain need to go to jail for a long time!! this makes me angery that people do these things to animals!!! there should be harsher penilties for the abuser!!!!!!

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Christy   Covina, CA

6/12/2008 7:17:41 AM

It all makes since that it would be connected if you think about it!

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