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Haydee Burgess   Newnan, GA

4/13/2009 9:58:07 AM

The Lock N BlockTM sliding door gate (LNB) is the product we are interested in submitting for the story line. Tharon Trujillo, of Plumas Lake California, was only 10 years old when he invented the LNB for his little sister. They have a sliding glass door in their home and opened it one day to let fresh air into the home. His sister was always poking at the screen door and messing with the greasy track of the sliding patio door. His idea came about when his sister decided to run towards their dogs which were outside the patio screen door and she fell through the screen. He started to think that there were many dangers outside which would harm her for instance she could drown in their pond, possibly get bitten by their dogs, or other dangers which were outside. He then turned to his father and stated that there needed to be a gate for the sliding patio door. In addition, the LNB works perfectly for keeping pets from scratching or running through the patio screen door. No one likes to replace the screens because it is expensive to constantly replace them. Finally, Whooz Solutions, the Trujillo Families new business name, brought the LNB idea to Cardinal Gates. We are now presently finalizing the prototype and will be ready for production and sales this summer. The LNB will be excellent for keeping children, small to medium pets safely within condos, hotels, apartments, and many residences which might have a sliding glass door. This gate will be the only one on the market and is patent's pending.

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