Comments on Relief to Reach Pet Victims of Wildfires

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Pat   San Angelo, TX

7/13/2008 10:36:27 PM

Bravo, Petsmart. Our local store has an option to donate $1 every time someone pays with a credit or debit card. This article makes me glad I do.

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Ben   Lake Bluff, IL

7/13/2008 8:39:41 PM


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Amanda   NY, NY

7/13/2008 12:36:53 PM

I'm very happy to hear that the animals are getting relief.

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Patty   Youngstown, OH

7/13/2008 2:26:42 AM

I think this is wonderful.

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Marcie   Ben Lomond, CA

7/12/2008 10:46:11 PM

That's soooooo incredibly WONDERFUL!!! This article made me cry. It's nice to see big companies do things like this.


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Linda   Muskego, WI

7/12/2008 6:29:31 PM

Keep up the great Job! It is great to hear all the support they are getting.

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Jane   Amherst, MA

7/12/2008 4:42:35 PM

That's good that those animals are getting relief. It must be very stressful being near fires like that.

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bertha   san diego, CA

7/12/2008 1:16:05 PM

we r doing everything that we can!!! keep up the good work!!

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Anna   Maple Grove, MN

7/12/2008 9:45:51 AM

That's so sad- glad they're getting help!

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Cherie   Monaca, PA

7/12/2008 3:38:12 AM

Yeah Petsmart - glad to see my favorite pet store is stepping up to the plate.


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