Comments on Sterilization Program Targets Dogs in Georgia

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Isobella   Nashville, TN

9/10/2009 3:38:22 PM

Great! If only this could spread to the rest of the country we would see SO many less animals in kill shelters. If I lived in Georgia, I'd buy one right away ! Power to these people!!

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Danielle   Bartlesville, OK

7/15/2008 8:07:24 PM


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misty's ower   Sherrill, NY

7/15/2008 6:31:02 PM

I want something like that in New York!! I love the idea!!

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Jeanne   Virginia Beach, VA

7/15/2008 4:40:57 PM

Great idea! If we had plates like that here, I'd definitely get on. We do have an animal plate, but I don't think it donates to charity.

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Sue   3 Oaks, MI

7/15/2008 1:09:07 PM

This is a great idea that I think more states should adopt!


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Pat   San Angelo, TX

7/15/2008 11:34:09 AM

What a great idea! Everyone who wants to have their pet spayed or neutered should be able to do so. The more help that can be provided in this area, the better, and this program is obviously working.

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JSD   Duluth, GA

7/15/2008 9:10:29 AM

Good breeders should not have to do this. They have show dogs. Working dogs should not have to do

Bad breeders and puppy mill people will not follow the correct thing to do.

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Christy   Covina, CA

7/15/2008 8:00:31 AM

What a cute idea!

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