Comments on Puppy Nips and Jumps on People

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rebecca   atoka, TN

7/25/2011 7:44:28 PM

my Jack Russell was the same way when he was a puppy i always kept i toy at hand for him to chew on evry time he nipped me or my family i would calmly hand him the toy at pet him and love on him if he played with the toy. i am glad to say that three years later he still runs to grab a toy every time he is excited. he will run through the house at top speed with the toy, not jumping or nipping anybody.

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susie   southey, SK

2/25/2011 3:23:54 PM

oh my gosh, I have the exact same problem and my husband wants to get rid of her and my ex-friend wants to shoot her...we have a 5 month old coliie and she nips and barks and gets pretty ex-friend went for a walk with us and the puppy was nipping at her 3 yr old and said if it bit him she make sure the puppy would be put down...I am very mad at her...note the ex-friend! But the puppy is nipping my 4 kids all the time and barking and wanting complete attention all the time...shes been out for 2 walks and ran around the back yard but is still so full of energy I told the kids to put her in her kennel and leave her alone, maybe shes tired and needs a nap...when will this end? she is 5 mths, will she stop soon, I am tired of yelling NO at her and she has so many dog toys and chewy bones, etc and I am exhausted by her. Im wondering if your dog has stopped doing this or still does it now. thanks.

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Tinny   San Dimas, CA

8/21/2008 8:19:42 PM

Good article! I'll try these on my 6 month old Frenchie.

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