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Eric   Syracuse, New York

3/14/2014 8:24:34 AM

I found the perfect solution to help get your dog's tail tip to

Finger Splint with (metal
Dog cone: (recommend using inflatable


Medicine if

**May need assistance, to help keep your dog from

All the items listed can be purchased at your local pharmacy all together for about $20 -
Except the dog cone I recommend the inflatable one it's easier on your dog's

neck, this can be purchased at a Pet shop, I know Petsmart has them.

Depending on size about $20 -


First apply Neosporine to affected

Next wrap your dog's tail tip in the vet wrap. Cut to size. I recommend at least 1" to

Next place the finger splint over vet wrap/over tail tip.

Squeeze the finger splint together to make it more snug. Do not squeeze too much, may hurt dog in
Next wrap the sports tape around finger splint and up onto tail at least 3" - 4" on the tail

above where the finger splint ends. This is key otherwise when your dog wages their tail it will fly
Then place dog cone around your dog's neck this will help your dog from getting at their tail.

However your dog may still be able to get at tail. The metal on the finger splint will help to
your dog from biting If your dog is persistent i then recommend buying a spray that

will discourage your dog from biting the

Change the bandage every day or at most every other day to prevent infection.

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Amanda nguyen   westminster, California

1/25/2014 3:01:07 PM

So my puppy he is only about 10-14 weeks and my little brother was riding his skateboard while holding the puppy and he trip and fell on the puppy tail and so later i came to hold him up and i saw his tail bleeding. I tried to stop it by cleaning the blood off . now i don't know what to do because the blood wouldn't come off. Please help me anyone.

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Judy   parma, OH

2/2/2011 3:14:58 PM

i have tried everything to stop this .. its not working . My vet suggested amputation. I hate to do that .

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Carole   Aberdeen, AL

10/13/2010 3:29:48 AM

Re the bleeding tail tip - my Deerhound has the same problem. I have fashioned a protective splint out of a large syringe which is held on with surgical tape. I cut the end off so the tail can breathe and the syringe barrell protects the tail from whipping on the furniture etc. It is amazing, once the protection is in place you will hear how often the dog's tail makes contact with a hard surface. The protection has been on for about a week and the tail is healing well but I plan to leave on until fully healed.


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Maria Rogles   Jacksonville, FL

7/30/2010 9:43:45 AM

My 15 and a half year old Siberian Husky has had a problem with his tail bleeding for almost two years. Beginning Sept. of last year the vet operated and he was fine until January, were it started to bleed again. No pain at all, just staining everything and the horrible small. Somewhere I read about Aloe Vera Gel, so I bought nearly pure aloe vera gel (99 percent) at a local vitamin supply store, and "low and behold" by the next day, the sore was closed and for over one month now he seems to be fine. I do put a little every day to ensure that the spot doesn't dry out and maybe starts again, but I wish I had known this!!

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Sue   Brussels, WI

1/21/2010 12:40:14 PM

What causes the dog to get a bleeding tail. My dog is in an outside kennel and is a yellow lab Im sure she will reach her tail even with a collar on. How long is " a time to heal?" it has been a good two weeks already.

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Jennifer   Leesburg, VA

11/16/2009 7:01:34 AM

The answer was insultingly stupid. Of course it needs time to heal, but a bandage and collar aren't the answer for every dog because unless you are with your dog 24-7, even dogs with limited intelligence will get to their tail. Now, please don't state the obvious - THAT'S not the answer anyone was looking for.

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