Comments on The Dog-Friendly Home Makeover

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M   St Paul, MN

8/5/2008 8:16:59 AM

Sounds interesting..Maybe I'll give it a watch when it debuts

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s   s, IL

8/4/2008 9:56:36 PM

It might be fun. I don't really like reality TV.

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Karen   Standish, ME

8/4/2008 7:34:47 PM

Great idea for a reality show! My dog spends her time mostly indoors!!

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Sue   Three Oaks, MI

8/4/2008 4:08:36 PM

Sounds like a fun show!

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Mary   Battle Creek, MI

8/4/2008 2:38:19 PM

That's cool!


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Jan   Baltimore, MD

8/4/2008 2:08:41 PM

I try to make my ard dog friendly and would enjoy learning new tricks. How do I volunteer for a makeover?

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Jill Mackie   San Diego, CA

8/4/2008 11:27:23 AM

I Love it! I actually heard about this story on NBC also. Kudos to for coming up with this idea! It's about time home makeovers focused on our furry buddies! After all, their part of the family too! Look forward to seeing it when it airs! :)

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Cheril   Amarillo, TX

8/4/2008 9:37:01 AM

How cool! What will they think of next?!?

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IndyDogMom   Indianapolis, IN

8/4/2008 8:40:59 AM

This sounds like fun - what a great idea. How do I sign up?

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Patty   La Mirada, CA

8/4/2008 7:39:46 AM

Can I be on the show?? My dog is better than yours!


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Christy   Covina, CA

8/4/2008 7:34:05 AM

Sounds like alot of fun!

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Jane   Amherst, MA

8/4/2008 7:30:17 AM

Neat! Sounds very interesting.

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