Comments on Patella Problem After Surgery on Dog’s Knee

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Nan   Cottage Grove, MN

2/7/2011 10:41:33 PM

My Cavalier had three knee surgeries. Two on the left knee as the binder didn't hold so three surgeries in 2 days. He was 4 months old at the time & he is now 7 years old & his left hind foot is so painful, or numb, he chews on it constantly & howls like a wolf. We had our vet + the U vet check him & they couldn't find anything wrong. Help? Any ideas?

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Nancy   Antioch, CA

9/12/2010 1:04:58 PM

My vet is recommending that my dog get his patella fixed. She is a little 4 lb chihuahua and does not suffer any pain and can run faster than any other dog I know. If there seems to be so many complications and she is not in pain - why would I do this to her.

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Elizabeth   Roseville, CA

8/18/2008 7:09:15 PM

I know how much this hurts humans. Poor doggies having to suffere from this!

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