Comments on Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Allergy and Skin Problems

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Jessica   International

10/26/2015 2:07:02 PM

I tend to use coconut oil directly on the skin by parting the hair and applying with a q-tip it does take awhile to part the hair, but you can comb in it after, i also apply it liberally on their legs, I then wait for a couple days (let it soke into the skin) then wash with an oatmeal shampoo and then follow with oatmeal conditioner, making sure that all soap and conditioner is rinsed out as possible. To pretend dog from licking paw that coconut oil is applied to I use a sock and carefully use medical tape (do not put on too tight), this also allows the oil to soak into the skin.

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Gayle   Decatur, Illinois

10/14/2014 8:57:35 PM

We have a Cav in our family and she literally has eaten the hair and skin off of her back legs. We are willing to try anything to help this precious dog. So far we have changed foods multiple times...given her oral meds...tried a powder supplement....we need help. I read about homemade food but can't find actual recipes. Can someone direct me please. Also there are references to herbal remedies ...where do you get them and how much do you give a small Cav?

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Anne   Eden, International

10/3/2014 5:01:11 AM

My Cavaliier was diagnosed as Atopic, at last after 5 years of watching her suffer continual scratching & trying everything we could, I have found a tablespoon of plain yogurt in her food & a teaspoon of cod liver oil each day has dramatically helped with her problem.

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Lilly   Atlanta, Georgia

8/2/2014 7:41:35 AM

My 3 year old cavalier is an awesome friend!! She eats/chews on anything she can get to, such as toilet paper, crayons, and people food.

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Anne   eden, International

12/21/2013 8:24:26 PM

I have a Cavalier with many skin problems & have been on the merry go round of treatments from vets & dermatologists for 4 years, all of which made her much worse. Recently I put my dog on Astragalus tablets & the result is overwhelmingly fabulous. New hair regrowth all over body within 2 weeks, energy level 5 times what it has ever been. Color of nose normal & wet for the first time. No eye problems for the first time ever. Astragalus is a herb & builds up the immune system. We met a dog that had cronic demadex mite that had a complete recovery because of taking Astragalus. Humans are using it also & local health food shop recommended it for us as well.


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Jasmina   London, International

1/21/2013 6:29:06 AM

My 7 year old female cavalier has terrible problems with the skin on her paws. I've taken her to about 10 different vets including 2 specialist dog dermatologists and nobody has managed to completely eliminate the problem. We have now come to conclusion that she suffers from multiple allergies (food and environmental), and have managed to identify the worst culprits (wheat, dairy, chicken, sugar, pollen) but she still has unexpected flare-ups. I'm just extremely strict with her diet, only use hypo-allergenic products on her skin and rinse her off whenever she has been outside during the pollen season, and apart from that, I keep piriton at hand and administer half a tablet at the first sign of biting the paws. It's really sad to see her in discomfort when she has a flare-up, but she's otherwise in perfect health (including her heart) and when I think of some of the other terrible illnesses that some cavaliers suffer from, I consider her to be quite lucky in the scheme of things. Too much in-breeding has had a devastating effect on this wonderful little breed, and the breeders who insist on practicing such warped methods should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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Amelia   Grenada, MS

1/7/2012 7:17:39 AM

I have two Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Windsor and Stuart. They are three years old and in perfect health except for a skin problem. Red spots occur under their coat and they chew on the spots until they chew off the fur and become almost a wound. Their skin is typically dry. I've tried medicated shampoo(s) and many topical sprays. Both from our veterinarian and over the counter. Genesis spray provides temporary relief. Does anyone have the same problem and do you know how to solve this?

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Rod   Orlando, FL

5/18/2011 9:02:12 AM

The book -- Comprehensive Owner's Guide: Cavlier King Charles Spaniel -- in general is quite weak in the area of genetic health. It is, essentially, woefully out of date in 2011. For example, it does not even mention the serious disorders of Chiari-like malformation or syringomyelia, which can disable over half of all cavaliers.

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Beverly   Reinze, MS

10/13/2009 10:16:31 PM

site very helpful.i have had 3 purebred black labrador retrievers therefor have never experienced skin allergies like i do now with the cavalier king charles spaniel.have just exhusted how to help my female purebred and to no i will seek professional help and may end will definitely try the diet ie.lamb or rice for one month adding 1 more ing.per month.hope this helps..Beverly Scott,Prescott,On Canada

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lorna   new york, NY

2/8/2009 10:07:37 AM

very poor standard of information


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