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Ali   Redhouse, West Virginia

10/27/2012 7:56:10 AM

I have one dane and one daniff. They are both the most wonderfull dogs I have ever owned. My danes are my house dogs. They are soo good in the house. They also do very well in the car.

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Pam - 256634   

7/18/2012 4:14:48 PM

I have had several danes in my lifetime..lost them all to natural causes, except 1 - he had cancer. I have had other breeds of dogs (LOVE them all), however, the Dane is everything you want or need all rolled into one LARGE BABY. I just got a Dane last Saturday, Meeko, 8 months old, Blue Merle...he is such a baby. I have 2 other small size dogs and he wants to play with them so badly, but they run and hide and he looks at me with those big sorrowful eyes and just breaks my heart. He does not understand how large he is and how small they are. :)

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jessica   orlando, FL

11/6/2010 5:24:35 PM

i love great danes i have 1 named toby

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