Comments on California Spay-Neuter Bill Officially Dead

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lala   salins, CA

9/1/2008 7:01:10 PM

i amso sick of see so many roaming unloved pets in my area i hope thre will be something we can do to stop this. i myself would love puppys from my muffin but in back of my mind is the thought of what will become of them in this cruel world

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Julie   Richmond, VA

8/31/2008 10:50:32 PM

It is never responsible to breed your pets. Spaying /neutering is the only way to prevent reproductive cancers later in life. Do you want to lose your beloved pet to a cancer you could have prevented?! Don't be selfish. It makes them happier and healthier, plus you save lives when you spay/ neuter and ADOPT!

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Judy Crumpton   Long Beach, CA

8/31/2008 6:05:34 PM

It is unbelievable to me that after the extensive education of AB 1634, to the citizens of California, that there is STILL those people that would breed an animal! Some folks simply can not be educated, nor do they want to be! And of course, there are those human beings that call breeding a hobby, when the truth is, they are making untaxed money from
Mandatory spay/neuter is essential for making the difference in reducing the number of animals that are being killed in shelters and those who are suffering on the
Thank you Judie Mancuso for your compassion and your tireless work!

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Celena   Dallas, NC

8/31/2008 11:12:08 AM

I was all for this bill and now that it is gone it is a little sad but LA does have a mandatory spay-neuter ordinance going into effect in Oct. I know it seems cruel stating that you have to spay-neuter your animal, but please go to your local animal shelter and tell all the abandoned and abused animals there that you are happy that their owners had the right to choose whether or not they were allowed to breed them while you are euthanizing them. That seems more creel to me then mandatory spay-neuter. FYI: if you want to breed your animal do it responsibly. Also the bill did have an exemption to people who wished to breed their animals. You could have got a permit.

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bertha   SAN DIEGO, CA

8/31/2008 8:27:02 AM

i believe we all have the right to breed when we decide is a good time and then spay or neuter... i made the mistake of not breeding my dog and now he is older and i wish i had a little oso!!


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