Comments on Disagreement on Raw-Meat Diet for Dogs

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An animal lover.   Somewhere in this small world., YT

1/23/2009 2:52:02 PM

Well, my two cents are that although vets are extremely knowledgeable in animal health, not all of them are advocates for 'natural feeding'. I guess it's kind of like the human doctor, some are for natural remedies (like my doctor), and some aren't. Moreover, although this may give some vets a bad name, vets (just like any other business people) do have ‘sponsors’ and do have to give out their products…(wow, I just threw out a big, politically incorrect subject.) Anyway, dogs have been eating raw, unprocessed, unscientific food for thousands of years. As long as you are responsible to give your dog all his/ her nutrients, give it what it naturally eats! There's my two cents.

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Joan   Miami Shores, FL

11/14/2008 1:36:11 PM

my dog was the worst eater & was underweight (to the point where my vet said "take her to mc Donalds" I switched her to a raw diet. Not homemade. FlaSH FROZEN PATTIES & now she's healthy a good weight, has a shiney coat & likes her food.

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dog lover   anywhere, YT

11/3/2008 9:06:39 PM

I would take the advise of your vet and NOT feed a raw meat diet also known as BARF. NAID's are not wolves,and are perfectly capable of eating a good quality kibble diet. It is down right scary the parasites that are in raw meat.I've seen the parasites inside the flesh of freshly killed deer. I have also heard of people feeding their dogs road kill just to provide the raw meat in the

I have spoken with many vets on this subject and they all agree, FEED A GOOD Quality kibble. The pup is yours now. I would follow your vets advise. After all, they are the experts in all aspects of your dogs health.

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Pat   St Louis, MO

9/11/2008 1:10:46 PM

I can understand people's reluctance to rely on commercial dogfood after the Chinese contaminate scare. But really balancing your dog's diet can be a challenge if you don't know what you're doing. They aren't strictly carnivores like cats. So I'm sticking with a commercial line. (On the humorous side, my dog gets enough raw food as it is with her hunting skills--I call it "instant rabbit." Comes complete with furry roughage....)

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Annette   Pittsburgh, PA

9/11/2008 8:53:11 AM

I started feeding raw when my dog was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. All the vets I spoke to had NO experience with the disease (cutaneous histiocytosis), and just advised me the prognosis was not good and long term treatment was steriods which would further complicate his immune responses. I'm pleased to say it's 4 years later, and he's basically been in remission and if he has a flare up, I resort to strictly raw for 2 weeks (no treats or anything) and luckily, he's been fine.


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