Comments on Michael Phelps on His Doggie Dilemma

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Yvonne   Woodland Hills, CA

10/17/2008 7:59:42 PM

I'd miss my dog too...i wanted to have a bulldog, but i got a chihuahua...but that's okey, i still love her.

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Julie   Memphis, TN

9/13/2008 11:55:58 AM

Michael! You never should have left that doggie all alone; even if someone did come by and visit him. He should have had a family to live with and love while you were with your Olympic family! Shame on you.

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Claudia   Burke, VA

9/13/2008 7:42:31 AM

Michael Phelps is awesome pugs and bulldogs rock!

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Layton   Glendive, MT

9/12/2008 9:16:52 PM

Id miss my dogs too!

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Pat   San Angelo, TX

9/12/2008 5:56:26 PM

I'll bet he misses his dog a lot, but I'll bet his dog hasn't forgotten him.


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Christy   Covina, CA

9/12/2008 12:44:39 PM

Come on Michael! Doggies have feelings too. lol

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Anna   Maple Grove, MN

9/12/2008 8:18:47 AM

Awww, I'd sure miss my dog after being gone that long- I can hardly stand being away from her for a week! lol

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