Comments on Dog Saved From Rising Floodwaters After Storm

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Celena   Dallas, NC

9/21/2008 7:20:04 AM

I am so happy that the dog was saved. But come on people leaving chained up in a storm. How dumb is that. I would NEVER leave my animals behind.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

9/17/2008 11:21:42 PM

I'm so glad they're going back and rescuing the animals. I would never leave any of mine behind.

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Dj   springfeild, IL

9/17/2008 5:34:26 PM

info was great

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Sue   3 Oaks, MI

9/17/2008 4:38:39 PM

I'm shocked that anybody would leave their dog chained up--I'm glad the Rott was rescued, & hope it finds a much more caring owner!

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Chelsie   Mission, BC

9/17/2008 2:57:39 PM

Omgosh thats so sad i wanna cry!:'(


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Desiree   Anaconda, MT

9/17/2008 2:51:59 PM

This just breaks my heart. I would stay behind myself before I'd leave my pet in ANY kind of danger. The owner's ought to be charged with animal cruelty.

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Cheryl   Conway, MO

9/17/2008 1:14:18 PM

That Rotties owner should have never chained him up. But I'm glad that he was rescued and is now safe. Thank God for the crews who do the rescuing.

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shuei and mika and misty   Sherrill, NY

9/17/2008 10:50:58 AM

that owner should be in jail for that!!!! they should also be fined and never aloud to have pets ever again!!!

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Becky   Hastings, MN

9/17/2008 9:07:48 AM

that poor Rottie! If his owner wanted him to survive, he shouldn't have left him to drown with no means of escape.

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Della   Madison Heights, VA

9/17/2008 8:57:23 AM

So happy to hear about the rescues.


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