Comments on Kristin Davis and Talented Bulldog Win Big

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lala   salinas, CA

10/7/2008 8:16:25 PM

oh no i missed it

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Cherie   Bellingham, WA

10/7/2008 7:44:54 PM

GABE ROCKS!!!! He is absolutely the best thing that HOLLYWOOD has seen in years! Rock on, beautiful bully boy!

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Hart   New York City, NY

10/7/2008 5:23:17 PM

kristin davis is incredibly hot

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Sue   3 Oaks, MI

10/7/2008 4:47:19 PM

I think Buddy the Shep stole the show by dialing 911--I know MY dog can't do that!!

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

10/7/2008 1:32:02 PM

Good for them!


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Tim   Macon, GA

10/7/2008 9:58:30 AM

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Anna   Maple Grove, MN

10/7/2008 9:51:20 AM

That sounds like a neat show! I've heard of alot of scatebourding bulldogs. Never heard of a toilet flushing one though! Hehehe!

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Christy   Covina, CA

10/7/2008 9:04:56 AM

Cute story!

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